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IT descriptions which contain 'Glossary of IT terms' available over the next menu that contains letters of the alphabet arranged in four rows and each of letters are divided with vertical purple line. Font menu staples, according to separate pages that contain descriptions of concepts which name starts with that letter. After above menu with letters followed by coupling 'Specific IT concepts'.


What does 'Glossary of IT terms' and 'Specific IT concepts'? These are usually more ample descriptions of terms that are basically just a mention on the pages of 'IT - Informatics Alphabet'. The terms have demanded a longer description are separated from the Glossary as Specific. So, for the search term should first use 'Google' search engine at the local level through the form on the page linked to is displayed in the magnifier bottom of each page, as if the concept is described in detail somewhere else is not necessarily included in the dictionary. Of course, the search engines will view a dictionary, and to provide results and a dictionary if desired amenities are there. Funny IT facilities are located on a separate page, but only in the Croatian language.


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