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This page is accessed quickly by 'click' on the magnifying glass icon as present on every page of this site. Contains map of the visits to the site 'IT - Informatics Alphabet'.

 Map of visitors
Map of visitors.

 ClustrMaps Map of the visit to the site 'IT - Informatics Alphabet' where manifest visit from anywhere in the world. The displayed geo-map is from a free site service at ''. The icon at the beginning of this paragraph is their logo and also a link to their site. You can specify the size of the map, the color of the object, and the like. In addition to the number of visits it records to its database (since date 09/01/2017, when this site is fully customized according to SSL recommendations), the ' L1 ' action on the map leads to a data set that allows a quick analysis of the site visit. As the map from the other source is in comparison to the foregoing, the statistics are valid from the above date onwards. Of course, there are other options that provide more detailed information with the monthly fee or one-off payment. The previously used map of visitors, shown in the sub-figure, not to be more able to keep, because the introduction of SSL features on this site, is required not to take any content from non-certified site since then and this site can not be properly certified, green padlock beside URL takes on a different look, and the whole system for certification of this site is compromised. After all, the new service to view the site visits is based on the 'Google Map' service, and therefore is more modern and more versatile.

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