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 IT - Informatics Alphabet At the present time in everyday life is all pervasive use of the term INFORMATION and INFORMATICS, and that often is not clear what the two terms mean. Briefly, the information notice, statement or information that increases knowledge about solving the tasks set, and informatics is the science of exploiting information regarding the management and decision-making in business, science, technology, economics, and all other human activities. IT is increasingly becoming an introduction to the effectiveness of human creativity, and e-book 'IT - Informatics Alphabet' is precisely in this sense, is designed as an overview of everything that preceded the use of IT skills for successful processing and use information.

Efficiently, cheaply and quickly exploit this information and its processing and comparison of the results obtained his real boom experienced after intensive application of digital computer technology, which gives users unlimited possibilities. It is therefore not surprising that before the term INFORMATICS, other terms are used as an Automatic Data Processing (ADP), the science of computers, the science of information and something like those, have been created as a result of the wider use of computers in everyday life.

Computer technology is more powerful, the physical volume, the less expensive and therefore present a greater range of users, used for playing, calculations, word processing, graphics processing, data storage (databases), the audio and video technology, machines (robots) and is increasingly widespread in various aspects of human activity.

An important feature of today's computers is speed, accuracy, reliability, ability to remember (store) large amounts of data and can easily adapt to perform various tasks. Although the cancellation of computer user tends to impose pet force of invective against him, very few devices that have so long a span of time between two failures during use.

Preparation of production i.e., planning, projects and blueprints, technical procedures, security problems of raw materials or semi-finished inventories and sales and trading networks today are unthinkable without the services of computer technology. The focus moves from manufacturing plants in areas with computers and Trade Network gets its unification through new eyes - an inter-relationship between computers via postal or special lines into a single computer network, not just at the company level but also at international level. The development and progress of society is unthinkable without the support of computer science and information technology.

Computer networks are of great importance for knowledge transfer because they allow quick and efficient access to view most of the scientific achievements and experience in all fields of science and technology throughout the world. CARNet and any similar networks in the world, national, regional or institutional scale reality in everyday life and on the premises of the Croatian.

So, INFORMATICS, COMPUTER INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE becomes the most important branch of industry, and its irreplaceable means operatively connected to the digital computer in the computer network via a telecommunications system. Knowledge of computer and information tools designed him (program support) is one of the factors literacy future man.

 Punch card     + / - )

That all was 'easy' as it is now, it is not. Previous Figure illustrates the advanced input data into the computer during the 60-ies using punch cards. Opto-electronic circuits were turning holes into electrical impulses that the computer is still in use. So there was a card punching machines, folding cards and card reading, and consequently professional occupations. One computer is a team serve the people, and it's all to the ordinary man looked strange to say the least. Imagine a situation and procedures when someone tripped him and drop a couple of thousand of these cards and crucifixion on the floor, before tomorrow's salary calculation?

Taking this in mind, if you use the science of computers, information science and cognitive science (studying the relevant fields as psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, linguistics, computer science, biology and other), their interactive effect is essentially informatics, as illustrated by the RGB (Red-Green-Blue) circles in previous SubFigure ' C '. So, dealing with INFORMATICS can be oriented in different ways in different scientific fields, depending on which of the cognitive science dominates.


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