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Earnings on the Internet can be seen as the company's activity with unlimited freedom in the choice of how, when and space activities (Free Enterprise), functioning under the principle of 'I do not want to do what I do not love'. Basically this 'company' operates based on the following elements:

  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Network Marketing
  • Gambling
  • Lottery
  • '×××' contents
  • Cheating ?!?
  •     :
  •     :
  • Some other way

Education is the 'value' as a tool that elevates knowledge, knowledge of foreign languages, for example, to a greater or lesser extent, it is indisputably necessary to communicate with foreigners. But education does not guarantee success, but it is important to be well distributed factors to achieve a 'winning combination' that will enable success. And success is patient and persistent progress built from a series of small steps. Nothing can be achieved, and to act immediately.

Advertising is a key element if the target presented to you as an audience. Planning of advertising and its quality is essential to success. A good ad is like a sweet cake, instantly likeable and remembering. Each medium growing share of the profits realized advertising via television, radio, newspapers, and other similar media, but it's nothing compared to the impact that can be achieved in an interactive medium that connects over a billion people a day. Internet now makes money.

Network marketing can be defined as an activity of the group that is associated with other people in order to develop business. Network marketing is a coordinated effort of distributors or associates who lead-established system of services and products to targeted customers. Individual in independent action will not do much but it can suffice.

Internet is the medium of the future. Internet earnings is a reality. All s turn to the Internet for their daily updated website. Trying to grab as much of the Internet pie as Yahoo, Google, AllTheWeb, Amazon, eBay, FaceBook and others. What they provide is to somehow become their agent in any form. What can I do?

  • As an assistant to perform tasks that define the advertiser
  • As part of marketing to participate in advertising
  • Advertise and sell your products or services
  • Advertise and sell other people's products or services

The first of these items can mean, for example sending e-mail messages to specific content on the lists provided by the advertiser. Generate earnings based on the number of messages sent (rarely) or according to the number of expected activities recipient (default). The other three mentioned solutions include making your own Internet content. Without own website with a theme that has something to offer the reader and have a pleasant sight of visitors earnings will be very difficult or impossible to accomplish. The best and safest way to make money just by earning their own web pages on the web site that is well visited, or that it has a nice and effective sites where readers interesting content, and by using such content, or directly on the part of the site with a dedicated web site, offers the services of advertising and advertising to sales. How to achieve good attendance? This addition to the quality and type of content offerings site worth the legality of large numbers and statistics. The more readers looking pages of site greater earnings potential, or to focus on large markets like the U.S. So, no matter how useful facilities were in the Croatian language, their counterpart in English, French and even what language it is default (do not be lazy like me, look at the example on www.periodni.com).

Where to set up web content? To set has multiple solutions:

  • Pages within the server of Internet service
    provider (ISP). Web-address is of type:

  • Site as a subdomain within the server
    of ISP. Web-address is of type:

  • Site as a subdomain within the some
    public institutions. Web-address is of type:

  • Site is leased on the server and
    leased domain. Web-address is of type:

The first solution is not good because the search engine of ISP site (Internet service provider) are ranked low when displaying search results, the site of user pages are located very far, and shown from the first thirty parts of ISP pages, the visitors that rarely see. Wrongly selected or available USER_NAME can be hard to remember, which contributes to resentment. Besides the available disk space is small and essentially limited monthly quota for the amount of traffic, or the amount of data downloaded or installed.

Another solution is usually cheaper or free service provider server space with a larger disk and transport resources of the above solutions. This solution is effective in how the number of web pages is not great and if you do not spend large resources regarding traffic. But to make a small but meaningful heavily visited site is the art, except for pornographic content. For example WMD firm in Croatia offers free domain hosting 'izhr.com' so will your address be 'free_chosen_name. izhr.com'. You need to choose an Internet service provider (ISP) that provides a domain name that is simple and which is easy to remember.

A third solution is good only if the domain has a high attendance and if it is possible to realize a subdomain. But it is questionable advertising. It is unwise to waste time if the work done is not in some way validated.

Leased server is the best solution. This is not a server in someone's apartment because the costs of connecting to the internet with decent traffic were enormous, but leased for someone just offering the service (web hosting). In Croatia, the service provided by T-Com and Iskon and maybe even some Internet service, but for very big money. A better solution is to lease space and domain for just that established firms across the U.S. and Europe that provide corporate, entrepreneurial and personal service, either through direct contact with them or through intermediaries in Croatia. The first is designed for large companies, the other companies that will rent the resources and then offering them to others, and a third offer to individual users, but this last service generally provided only through an intermediary, such as a WMD. But one needs to break into the market. For this purpose, use forums and social networks about advertising their content to their audience and popularity grew, and thus earnings.

In our region, it is good to turn to one of the firm as a WMD (which also offers a free web-hosting) or Avalon or some similar, which are basically rented resources in one of the buildings (data center) as shown in the next pictures, or they have their own building in Croatia as MYDATA KNOX, a company that currently serves this site with a very affordable price. That is why their advertisements are everywhere at this site.

 Web Hosting Data Center  

Figure* 7.7.1 Building & inside a web-hosting company. ( + / - )  

The figure shows that the provision of services to rent servers and not harmless job. These facilities, companies that deal with these (as 'The Planet' at images), have deployed more geographically 'scattered' places are connected with very fast connections and ultimately connecting to a service 'connection' on the Internet. But what it does with the images shown are not seen impressive control rooms, which resemble the areas that has NASA or NORAD (use Google?), Diesel generators and a huge UPS devices and 'other'. Over some of the company leases the required initial disk space and type of server and choose a name for a domain that is rented and paid over the lease term. For the domain to be chosen for a free sound and recognizable name (which does not have to mean something meaningful) and is well taken .COM domain type because in most browsers listed. Most of the providers of these services on their site have a mechanism with which to examine Is desired domain name is already taken. It is not advisable to put the domain name characters like ' - ' or ' _ ' and similar. The domain name must be such the other person can easily say that it can be easy to remember no matter what the name meant.

Once the resolve domains and rents disk space and bandwidth available, it can be accessed by the realization of one of these types of earnings. Over the Internet to find and study all providers for any kind of advertising and earning. It is not good to engage in all of these programs are offered salaries that can be found on the internet at random. Holders should contact the program via e-mail and get information on how to at least send checks to Croatia, or relatives somewhere in the world, if not otherwise possible. If you do not respond within 2-3 days were not serious and such should run.

The elements that make up a good web-site may be grouped into five categories:

Maybe someone will think that ××× facilities bring more visitors. Possible and initially it will, but when the search engines recognize such facilities soon be ranked very low. Web content is best given to the creation and maintenance professionals. This author described the work himself, so one can estimate how much you've made the effort to meet these conditions.

Earnings own website using the seat is achieved by enabling the insertion of advertisements that offer advertisers and intermediaries may be, for example 'Google' and 'Infolinks' and similar firms. The first is based on introducing program code that defines areas of different sizes (ad unit) in which are inserted advertisements of advertisers like image, text or video type, and the other is based on the representation of the bubble with advertisement when the mouse pointer coincide with a key words (InText ads) in the text of the page. Two completely different systems, which are not mutually exclusive. Is made by way of ads and evaluation of earnings is defined by clear rules.

So, without their own site with a good topic that has a lot to offer, pleasant to view, and will be visited at least 500 times a day, your earnings will be very difficult to accomplish. This can be achieved if the site has at least the English version of the content. In addition to the above, a much higher profit can be realized and fully professional working for a 'brand name' companies, like Microsoft, Google and the like (via their site constantly looking for staff). As a computer guru or a professional, a person who is familiar with computers and programming, it can occur in any of them and start a serious business. Everything depends on the will, education and work experience. But that's outside the domain of hobbies.

Models of earnings on the Internet are different but can be classified into the following categories:

There are many other ways to earn, but it is essential to have a highly visited website to earning a satisfactory and timely paid. Today's technology is getting cheaper ADSL and rent server does not require a big investment and you have to decide yourself how much time, with much effort and how you want to earn that. The Internet is a huge market, where competition is great and offers a variety of business, allowing it to be to choose the most suitable model how to generate a profit. But be careful. Not good all monies directed towards one and maybe unsafe source. The risk exists, everything is possible, every business can fail. There is no 100% secure Internet profits or jobs. But one thing is for sure, stay away from games of fortune and betting.

 earn2gether We have to mention non-standard mechanisms as 'PAYPAL', which in practice means that urges viewers of your site to financially support the site by looking at the amount you want, you can very well work in areas such as the U.S. laws of large numbers, or mechanism DONATION, which largely depends on your resourcefulness. Ways to earn over the Internet are very diverse, from simple placing ads on the seat of a company, to the review page. One of these firms is earn2gether (combines multiple projects of which one Matriclix) that allows members of communities to choose the tasks to be performed, and about their weight depends on earnings. To register as a member, the computer needs to install the bar with their tools (icons), which appears in the web browser, which makes access to fill the form and verify that the response to a received message. By username and password, the user can choose the discretion and earnings following the execution of the task described in the e-mail message send to you. The task should be chosen from a list provided (Offers list), and it is often browse a seat that has to be done within a specified time period. If you need to apply for a default seat should sometimes give your e-mail address and therefore requires the member to fulfill two addresses, official contact with 'earn2gether' and work with the default contact headquarters for review. To 'earn2gether' convinced that the task must be done to answer the question that goes along with each task, this requires liquid written linguistic communication (in English of course). Nothing special and demanding to be paid depending on the severity of the task. As always, should respect the rules laid down, because it loses its membership. Supported the 'Referral Center' for the associated new users.

 Lionbridge Lionbridge Internet Assessors program - It is based on work from home jobs and are offered mainly to teachers, retirees and students from around the world who are good at English and the native language. Just headquarters 'Lionbridge' consolidates over a hundred locations around the world in Asia, Africa, Europe and North and South America. The main objective of the program is to continuously improve the quality of Internet search capabilities through testing of individual sites regarding assessment of site to be tested and possibly improve the quality of site. Tasks arrive via e-mail in English, and the tasks are mainly related to the site with the native language. Occasionally published admission offer new candidates (requiring CV), and in treatment offer tested and then trained accepted candidates, monitor and advise them, manage their work and eventually give them a harder, more responsible and better-paid tasks as they progress. For certain areas should be professional in some field. Satisfactory activity in the proportion spent time / money, but needs to pass their test and verification, and met regularly scheduled tasks, because negligent rejected because they have no chance to return to the program. But it is not easy to become a part of LioNBRIDGE team. List of claims of candidates from certain countries should be monitored and when they are needed for the staff of a country - should be reported.

Mechanisms of earnings, as serious and it has a pretty frivolous. What we did not specify a purchase through the Internet. It's not earning and not let anyone of my cards :-). Pure paranoia was justified or not. Not the topic of this site and possible scams in this case only so much.

With regard to earnings over the Internet is helpful to be a member of any communities. Each of them has its own rules of conduct to be followed to keep you as a member not to 'eliminate' with or without an explanation. If you follow the rules, very thoroughly and properly guide you through the process of advertising and the way you work and earn without violating the rules. You must register with a fully correct information about themselves which of course monitor, money is a very serious matter.

The following figure shows an example of just one of the features that gets by the GOOGLE community. Becomes a member of their community on the recommendation of one of the existing members and the first step is accepting bids GMail which basically offers the choice of {My services} last two displayed items, and others are being added to the available supply and desires, or against actual rights. As 'Google' constantly improve our services, so for example the following picture belongs to one of their primary sites. But the basic principle is unchanged.

 Google services
Figure 7.7.2 Part of the offer tools at GMail account.

Item 'Webmaster Tools' is available for free to everyone, and the item 'Analytics' is also free, but it must apply of course to registration and membership through the election {About Google}-{Webmaster Central} at Google's home page, from where it can be defined to be a valid e-mail address that the user has somewhere (verification required accuracy in correspondence address, which is normal), which does not belong to the Google group, and reset password, can exercise the right to monitor events on the website that are at may apply for membership analysis. Other options are available to the membership of GMail and then 'AdSense' offer one of them. Therefore, any sensible, serious and deliberate start to be only in its membership in the GOOGLE community.

But there is one small catch. If one wishes to be a member of 'Ad...' program, except realized GMail account to login site have Web pages that are complete, no links in the 'nothing' or message type 'site is under construction', does not have unrelated pages or other content with anything on the site (orphan pages), pages that use 'strange' technology, content must not offend the person or institution, the site may not be pornographic and / or pedophile content, or better yet, follow all safety guidelines and Google's web-headquarters facilities must meet regardless the size that would be able to submit applications for access to the 'Ad...' program. Efforts should be made to facilities that have less logical errors. For example, no matter what page contains must not be two pages with the same title (<title>.......</title>), or the same description (<meta name="description" content=".......">), and the list of key words (<meta name="keywords" content=".......">) should not be words that are not listed in the content, or that it is the same as the another page, each image must have a description (alt=".......") and the like. Descriptions title and content must be understandable without 'warning' parts (such !!!!.......!!!!), especially page titles. Comply with the instructions that are described on the page about the syntax. It is good to see the instructions relating to the requirements of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) regarding the creation of a web-site where there is a lot on the Internet.

After reviewing the content of the site by Google followed their approval or guidance that must be modified to accept at the pages of their advertising program, and then enable the icons 'AdSense'. Completely correct and professional. Do not abuse their trust (cheat). All advertisements on this site are in accordance with their recommendations, and various advertising opportunities can be found through their guides, which are available when you become a member, of which various versions of the ad formats you can see by checking out the seat.

However, with the above is not done. Pages should be comprehensible navigation, one link should be to the home at all the pages to track the site. Facilities should be regularly amended to avoid outdated information provided. Accuracy of links to other sites should be periodically monitored. The design is very special, especially with the way alignment appearance of ads. Website content to potential readers must be useful and should not be used as a design for a function of the design as a purpose (for design I am not competent). Page content may not be too much, especially not with a lot of great pictures by the size of the data, in order to avoid a long retrieve. If the above does not at least respect the visitors 'went'.

For developed pages worth even one small detail. In all browsers, pages should look at least similar if not the same. The edge of a table, for example, the available browsers with different interpretations, and to make sure that the pages is properly displayed to view in the most browsers (at least IE and Firefox). True, IE is not upgraded for older Windows operating systems, but the 'Google' offered free plug-in 'Google Chrome Frame' that upgrades search engine of IE without affecting its appearance, and the result is a modern web browser. Unfortunately, now Google does not develop this plugin, but still worth it it is useful if it is somewhere on the Internet can find. Far from any of them strictly adheres to the proposed standards. A useful and track who looks at pages that you have created and make corrections and updates to enhance Internet earnings. For this use internal software for statistics on the seat, or better yet Google Tools 'Webmaster Tools' and 'Analytics'. The next page describes just that.


Basically, the only real way to make money, which has no contact with previously mentioned, for example, making applications for smart phones based on the 'iOS' or 'Android' operating systems, and better yet become part of a team developing of software, either through participation in the construction or making additions (plug-in) for certain software that can be a good idea with a decent charge. However, it is worth mentioning this possibility because with today's fast communication do the job so it is possible.

 Free Lottery But there is also a specific way of making money that you might call 'free lottery'. For this purpose, creates a specific site. Namely, every day the members of the site make a ticket with their number. A random process selects a winning ticket every week. How can this work? They simply do not propagate unsuitable (forbidden) content becouse there are affiliated with the 'Google AdSense program'. Each visit to the site and ads of site earns some money. Part of the advertising revenue goes to lottery players. These sites have more and more lately. Earnings usually go to a user's 'PayPal' account. For details how site works simply click on the icon at the beginning of this paragraph, which is a link to their site. Very imaginatively.


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