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Human gets across its message heard, and his brain by analyzing their nature create INSTRUCTIONS on how and what to do with them. Similarly, your computer must have physical devices through which it will receive data and instructions. Based on their knowledge of life man decides how to process the data, for example sorting names alphabetically. The computer performs such tasks on the basis of an appropriate PROGRAM (SEQUENCE OF INSTRUCTIONS) custom task depends on its quality and 'savvy' computers. After processing the data, and the man and the computer reports the results of each in his own way; voice of a man or a written report and a computer via a monitor or printer.

As for this, it's an easy view of their actions:

 Flow of data processing

Of life known to us one fun version of the previous image, the keyboard-amplifier-speaker, keyboard data are processed in the amplifier with different processing capabilities (echo, echo, etc.) and the result is duly heard over the speakers.

Processing in computer systems involves control and storage, and can be considered in the technical or program domain.

Methods of data processing in computer systems are:

So, a digital computing system essentially consists of the physical devices which 'mind' provides a set of instructions contained in the program.


Digital computer is an electronic device designed to perform a variety of computational and logical operations and is only one of the components (components) Digital Computer System (DCS), consisting of few systems:

1.) HARDWARE ------- devices and equipment

2.) SOFTWARE ------- program support

3.) DOCUMENTATION -- written instructions for
                     installing and using computer
                     devices, equipment and
                     software (operating system)

        4.) LIFEWARE ------- maintenance staff and
                             handling system

        5.) ORGWARE -------- functionality of all
                             system elements

HARDWARE is a set of electronic components and devices are connected into a unified whole. These are physical units installed DCS, which initially characterized the size and weight are important parameters related to transport or carry it. In the room for computer technology to bring packed neatly in boxes, there are unpacked and interrelate the instructions into a single functional unit. For hardware apply classical laws of physics as 'F=ma', and can be inadvertently used as weapons, for example, if the monitor is canceled during the development of a very tense project in a fit of rage threw it out the window and falls to a group of people, it is very likely to injure someone.

SOFTWARE is program support that make up a computer can execute. Comes as a set of binary entries stored in one of the permanent storage media and 'loaded' into the computer via the devices designed for this purpose, rarely as written material on the basis of which you type content via the keyboard. Thus, the client software is not material, and represents the wisdom of computer system. Poor software can cause more damage than a physical computer circuits.

DOCUMENTATION is a series of manuals, instructions or documents, either imprinted or as often documented on CD, for the purpose of installation, connection, use and maintenance of DCS. It is already common practice for the user after a long period of exploitation has occasionally need some further work so that often plays guessing solutions instead to immediately read the documentation. In the end, when the tortures in guessing the decision is still read. Therefore, the documentation is not read last, and always true: first consult RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual).

Defines two subsets that enable the DCS and usability: LIFEWARE handling computers and develop software and ORGWARE the above. These two subsets may lead to a situation that the head does not know where her tail or vice versa, for the use of DCS is not good. Eh, the human factor! So when the people already mentioned again here's a little analogy:

Man is a perfect system like computer-server. Never be goes off whatever works - does not works :-). Digital Computer System is a set of devices and technologies, based on the use and processing of data in the binary number system, which people use in solving various tasks in order to get usable results or solutions (Drago's definition).


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