The role and use of work aids

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Operating supplies may not be exclusively related to the manufacturing process. At the same principles are developed and working tools for diagnosis, simulation of social events or simulate aircraft handling and the like. The effectiveness of such devices is not in question, as evidenced by modern games for PC-type simulation or strategy. Certainly used on the ship, where the doctor, separate from the hospital team, an enormous benefit. Maybe the idea of a digitalized doctor in a USS Voyager 'from the TV series 'Star Trek' came out particularly to the pre-existing medical computer work aids.

Every business has its own methodology. It has to be formulated so that it can enter into the digital computer so that the computer learns to do the job. Here we encounter the concept of artificial intelligence that can be part of any expert system Chess is an illustration of such a system. For every area of human activity, there are experts who know the methodology of work the deal, but they can not implement their knowledge in a digital computer, without the help of experts in digital computers. It is not uncommon to mutually understand each other because they can not explain what they need. Special people - knowledge engineer, a new profile of professionals - will help to spread the knowledge of some professions formulated so that it can be transferred to a computer program.

The fields of application of computer work aids widely. The increasing power and everyday price drop DCS directly affect the development of job aids, and so in a relatively short period of time but there are some on the Croatian side. The following table shows some of them. Of course, not all covered, but can serve as an illustration of the increasing development of these activities because they are generally made on the PC platform.

Agriculture Preparation of feed
Preparation of fertilizer
Organization and management of agricultural production
Construction Construction planning
Preparation of cement and asphalt
Construction of water mains, gas and hot water system
Static and dynamic design of the building
Preparing offer customers
Shipbuilding Construction of ships and components
Examination of ship parts
Electrical Engineering Construction and testing of electric motors
Examination of lifts
Electronics industry System construction
Construction and testing of printed circuit boards
Testing telephone switchboard
Aviation industry Testing of aircraft
Servicing of aircraft
Printing Industry Preparation of texts
Printing texts
Preparation of paper production
Oil industry Simulation of storage
Terminal emulation and transport
Table 7.3.6 Work aids in different types of production processes.

An essential element for the development and use of tools is the creativity of people who approach the development of these tools. With certain computer equipment, creative and motivated staff from different areas can be made really good solution, of course with the quality and scale of the organization and stability in funding. It basically can be divided into specific solutions for a specific business or for commercial solutions with a much wider range.

Very important is the role of the market, which can best be seen from the table in the example of the construction industry. Globally the most job aids were developed in the electronics industry. How the government is ruthless competition, especially in the production of computer components, it is understandable that companies use existing or develop their working tools to be as flexible and cheaper in the market, to the delight of customers. Most apply design chips.

Properties and implementation of computer work aids

Thus, it is undisputed that the computational jobs are important tools in human activity, every day is more and more powerful computers are available in portable versions. Using computer work aids can be achieved:

General computer operating aids are welcome, and sometimes without them almost can not, especially in the manufacture of electronic components where it requires a large amount of engineering work. In communities that are closed and there is a monopoly, where the market has no meaning, computer aids are generally not used in them there is no development and progress, briefly falling behind.

Example of production that requires a lot of engineering work for the development of microprocessors, which should be used say 500 years of engineering work. For development without computer work aids for the above example to 100 engineers to realize the product for a period of 5 years, which is the global market competition disastrous. With computer operating supplies this time can be shortened to less than one year. It can not be expected to be quickly put together a team of hundreds of relevant professionals, especially if we want to realize the complex product. But it can help with job aids significantly increase the efficiency of existing ones. Computer graphics to draw much faster with much less fatigue. Also, different data, norms, standards and the like may be part of the database tools, so that the product compliance with laws and regulations can be efficiently monitored.

Once upon a multitude of tricks and various devices were used to achieve special effects in some kind of film production. Today, thanks to computer work aids, film industry turn a remake of old movies that are very convincing and appear almost real. Dinosaurs scurrying around the streets, trampling and destroying everything in their path. Dolls and their faces thanks to elastic materials under the supervision of executive devices in their heads they mimic almost exactly like a man. Aliens acting scary, they are so convincing that their example 'wickedness sticking out of his eyes'.

To realize computer-assisted work is necessary to ensure that:

 Computer work aids  iStripper
Figure 7.3.7 Elements of computer work aids.  

Although at first glance looks like a computer scheme dedicate general, differences still exist, at least hopefully. Namely digital computer may not be in the standard chassis at the computer and meant for general already incorporated together with the cursor in a graphical display. The interface can be completely different from the standard computer systems. Instead of the keyboard can be some kind of potentiometers and switches or ports and protocol interfaces completely non typeable, all in order to aid the user, which basically does not need to know to use a computer, to facilitate the use of aids. The database can be an external module that changes according to the task that is to be made either on the same media as the client software (hard drive). All together, more can resemble some kind of instrument and not on the computer as we usually conceive.

Digital computer has associated with the medium in which the database is different and contains program support, from those which are not directly related to the task itself, and supplies to support the program, which was created as a tool based on the methodology to be followed. This methodology is the most important part of computer aids. It is specific and developed specifically for the task of the aid has performed and entered into a digital computer. Precisely through this methodology, the realized program has different computational tools that work in other elements can be very similar. The power of the computer must be appropriate to the size and character of the work task that is to be executed. Therefore requires no strictly defined. Have a good working aids are sometimes more like the calculator that schoolboys used in the work.

Specific types of aids are 'workstation' or 'engineering workstation' whose main task is to replace the drawing board, paper and pen and desk engineers. So the job so much easier because it frees the engineer seeking various norms and standards for information requests and the like because it's all written in any available database. Such workstations for data processing power than conventional computers are general and meant for, and have specific program support by ordinary users is not used. You will have a much larger and better quality monitor, printer, large format and various additions as 'tablet' (entry draft) and the like. Such stations are essentially commercial products are designed to be acceptable to the largest possible audience.

If the computer operating aid for 'custom', then the user is a specific product that you are selling a small number of users and in essence it is a SALES OF KNOWLEDGE (KNOWHOW). These products are the highest quality commodities. Energy and raw materials in this type of product is the smallest item in the total cost. The main item is a qualified human labor and creativity of any individual or team who are working in the implementation of computer aids involved.


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