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Unicode the extension code replacement with 8 bits to 16 bits, which allows to define 65'536 characters. Although can be found several versions of this code, the increasing implementation of this code for other systems reason is its ultimate application in the Windows operating system. But in order to preserve compatibility enrollment <ALT> + <0138> i <ALT> + <0352> (key <ALT Gr> has another function are shown the same character in Word, but not in Notepad. But it's still enough that it can be read in the same way a document prepared on a computer configured for Croatia or Germany written in the same language. This code will have its full significance in creating Web content. The first 128 characters retained by default in CP437 code page. Extension code shown in the table is the only part that refers to the Croatian language. Graphemes of other languages have different positions in the table.


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