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Successfully use a computer is to know timely use a mouse, a key or a combination of them. Work in a graphical environment has greatly facilitated when using abbreviations, a combination of keys - (keyboard shortcut) instead of meditating on uninterrupted through the menus.

Basic rules of how to use key combinations are:

It is almost customary to no longer use the signs of inequality in the descriptions, but the combination just labeled as T1 + T2 and the like.

Peculiarities PC keyboard for DOS and Windows OS immediately when switching computers are:

These promotions are not recommended for inexperienced users.

Peculiarities of the keyboard in their daily work are:

Key combinations of general importance in the Windows environment:


Unlike DOS, Windows 3.xx OS PC shutdown does not mean disorder of system parameters since they are the default initialization file that is immediately updated with any changes to the Windows 95 OS and subsequent changes are recorded in 'lowering-SHUTDOWN' system, and therefore it is important to get a computer with such a violent OS not extinguished until procedures 'lowering' of not having an on-screen 'IT'S SAFE NOW ...' that it should not do, or will it be automatically done for the newer systems when OS finds that it was possible.


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