4.3.3. Control Panel

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Control Panel (a supervisory position) remains a place where the system is configured. In addition to the basic content of which are shown in the following Figure, the installation of additional software and hardware support to increase the number of icons, i.e. setting compared to the original settings. Much of the configuration will be set when you install the Windows OS, but there are some requirements and subsequently adjusted, particularly with regard to networking computers.

 Configuration window
Figure 4.3.10 Configuration window of Windows.

The concept of the new hardware installation is quite simplified thanks to PnP (Plug and Play - Insert and Work) features of the motherboard and operating system. During the installation of the operating system asks for a device driver which does not recognize or can not find it on the installation CD. Then the query should put a floppy or a CD with a driver and point out where the driver is. Otherwise, the driver will not be installed in /System/Hardware/ device list will appear questionnaires or exclamations. Subsequently be added to the option /Add New Hardware/. Similar role selection /Add Remove programs/; allows installation or removal of parts of the Windows 9X computer programs or other software, such as Microsoft Office, Corel Draw and more.

Other icons in this window have the task of setting parameters of the device, according to figures just as sketchy. Interesting choice 'Printers' where it is possible to install multiple printers and set one as default, and most importantly, here you can find a shortcut to the printer on the network of other computers or printers that have built-in support for the operation of the network as a standalone network devices. Selection of icons /System/ among other changes to the device driver through the folder /Device Manager/ and the change of size and virtual memory (pagefile) to drive through the folder /Performance/.

But most important in a network environment is properly setup /Network/ settings. How is Windows 98 designed primarily for home use, during installation, unless otherwise specified, all settings are aimed at single users and anyone that works on the computer will have these settings. Thus, for example, Outlook Express can be configured in the selection /Tools/Accounts/ more electronic addresses. Specific user directories as [Cookies], [Desktop], [Favorites], [Start Menu], [Temporary Internet Files] and other facilities are located in the directory [Windows] and are common to all. If more users use the computer better executed action is shown below.

 Configuration for multiple users
Figure 4.3.11 Configuration for multiple users.

Thus, by activating icons /Passwords/ you can change the settings that each user has a separate content previously listed in the directory [Windows/Profiles/User_Name-1] and analogously [Windows/Profiles/User_Name-2] for another customer and onwards. The users have separate profiles. UserName now does not have to agree with the name of a computer or in a network that is recommended. Networked PC logs to the server where the table name computers with corresponding IP address, and the user can use the resources of the server if there is an account yet. And program support Outlook Express will also have separate data for each user in the appropriate place in the directory [Windows/Profiles/User_Name-X]. Therefore, a separate customer profiles are very significant opportunity. Regarding host names and IP addresses of computers should contact the administrator of the network that would not have happened to two devices on the network have the same name or the same IP address, because there will be a conflict between your computer and other network devices (such as PCs) to the extent that neither one device that is in conflict will not be able to work in a networked environment.


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