4.7. WINDOWS 11 Operating System

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Never say never. 'Windows 10' will retire with support by 2025, and a new successor Microsoft 'Windows 11' operating system has been announced as an improved multi-platform operating system, oriented to gaming, multimedia and of course shopping. The following set of Figures shows the appearance of the desktop with specific choices regarding the listed features.

 Windows 11 desktop
Slika* 4.7.1 Specific desktop views. ( + / - )

Very interesting is the ability to display the taskbar icons in its middle, similar to a MAC. But there is a significant difference under the hood; 'Windows 11' still does not have as efficient multitasking as UNIX operating systems. Hardware requirements are higher than in previous systems, and has some minimum by Microsoft as following:

          Processor:        Clock Speed of 1 GHz or more, with 2 or more cores
                            >= Intel 8th Gen (Coffee Lake) / >= AMD Ryzen 2000
          Working Memory:   No 32-bit OS, an update is available for 32-bit programs 
                            4 GB for 64-bit OS
          Hard Disk:        At least 60 GB of available disk space
          Firmware:         UEFI, Secure Boot capable
          TPM:              Trusted Platform Module, version 2.0 
          Monitor:          HD (720p) ready monitor resolution of 1280◊720 or more
                            (optional - touch screen)
          Graphics:         Microsoft DirectX 12 graphics card
                            with WDDM 2.0 driver
          Peripherals:      Keyboard, mouse (optional)
          Internet:         A Microsoft account and connection is required

There are almost no motherboards with TPM capabilities on the market. So, we should expect a new generation of hardware. New versions of 'Windows 11' will be released once per year. Customers should always install the latest version before the current version reaches end of servicing to remain supported by Microsoft. Someone must have come to mind but there is no longer a bunch of different versions of the operating system at the same time. When I took over the program to check the compatibility of my computer to 'Windows 11' operating system (PC Health Check App) I got this result:

 PC compatibility
Figure 4.7.2 PC compatibility.

So the microprocessor in my PC, Intel Core i5-7600K, is outdated and unusable? Why, if even older Xeon processors are supported? Goodbye 'Windows 11' forever, and I hope we donít have a need to meet. Buying a PC is not so cheap so that a new one is bought every couple of years. If the operating system is designed to play newer games like 'Uboat', and 'Android' and 'Xbox' games, then the PC and peripherals that will run the game 'Uboat' smoothly cost approximately $2'000 or more. That's not a little. And Steam is selling the game 'Uboat' for about $15?

 Game 'Uboat'
Figure* 4.7.3 Very demanding game 'Uboat'. ( + / - )

UBOAT Recommended Requirements:

Comparing requirements of game with 'Windows 11' requirements is not nearly the same. It is already known from experience that the recommended requirements should be at least doubled for smooth operation. One is what is written on paper, and the other is reality. All together, it requires a very powerful computer. It seems to me that Microsoft and other associated companies have agreed on frequent and backward incompatible changes in order to extract as much money as possible from people. This is not monitored by anyone, nor sanction. There will be big comedies about device drivers and pre-existing software from various manufacturers. What annoys me the most are the generic Windows drivers, which generally only support the basic functionality of the built-in hardware. And what will happen with the software of small companies as an accounting service, or school computers and servers, it cannot be assumed. This behavior is not present in the car industry.


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