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Microsoft will publish two feature upgrades for every release per year. As the name suggests, these upgrades update devices that are already running Windows 10 with the latest features, experiences, and capabilities. Among other things worth:

"In Windows 10, your device is always kept up to date with the latest features and fixes. Updates and drivers are installed automatically, with no need to select which updates are needed or not needed." - Microsoft Support (Bullshit of the First Class!).

For Windows 10 servicing according upgrades there are three options-branches that businesses deploying Windows 10 can choose from. They differ mainly in when the feature upgrade will be available and how long it will be supported. You should choose the option that best fits your needs:

Note that we will only talk about CB and CBB below, as the LTSB does not receive any feature upgrades. When Will My Windows 10 Branch Go End of Life, like version 1507? - R.I.P. Android releases after the 'KitKat' (year 2013) version, and may be even, update and upgrade from day one to day. My cell phone 'Sony Xperia M2 aqua', Anroid version 4.3 (Jelly Bean), has been updated every day without problems for years. Microsoft its predecessors simply 'kill'; I do not understand why.

 Life Time line of Windows 10
Figure 4.6.56 Windows 10 Branching Update and UPGRADE Timeline.

According a blog of Barry Angell, Figure above shows that life-time of any version is not much long, and at the same time it exists five versions of Windows. Each of them has own 'flies', which make backward compatibiliti under a large questionnaire. I tray all that 'flies' myself, and I'm not particularly thrilled. Why I say that? Because trivial installation of v1703 at virtual PC begins with next Figure.

 First screen of installation
Figure 4.6.57 Starting screen at installation on VirtialBox.

A lot of bigger mess with a bunch of BSOD's is present when installing on the physical computer with the features of Example II. What kind of PC should it be that this is not happening? The only thing with which no problem is, for now, always the same serial number! Each new version is less compatible with old software. There is also a better proverb than the title: 'Crazy fucks confused!'.

For me, best user experience I have with version 1511_2. So, I install that version on my PC and do all updates since installation. At the end of installation starting desktop looks like at next Figure.

 Upgrade Assistant  iStripper
Figure* 4.6.58 Software 'Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant'.  

At the animated Figure can be noted small icon named 'Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant', and corresponding program support installed some ware in Windows OS.

 Upgrade Icon Well, this program support is usefully for UPGRADE operating system to version 1607, but if user do not stopped that, upgrade will be executed automatically. If user deinstall this feature, automatically will be install upgrade for version 1703. User can erase this feature to, but next update, like user action at 'Check for Updates', will bring back 'Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant', what is worse possible solution. At the history list, shown at next figure, it is clear what update do. I am not much happy about that.

 History of Update OS
Figure 4.6.59 Update History of Windows 10, Version 1511_2.

Seems to me, there are four essential actions what microsoft do with each version of operating system.

All about Updates and Upgrades of operating system is already written, but very interested is replacing 'old' Windows design like at version Windows 7, with very big windows and fonts in Windows 10 for same purpose. Screen width compatibility? This big fonts are very ugly at big screen. My opinion is that the Windows 10 is not brand new operating system, it is modified Windows 7 (Windows XP) version which is not so good as Microsoft want to be. It can be concluded by the older type of interface that is still used.

 New and old System Window
Figure* 4.6.60 New and old Windows GUI.

So, according to Figures 4.6.53 and 4.6.54, there are two concepts, first one based on software in the [Windows\System32] directory (folder, map) and second based on the 'XML' configuration files in the [Windows\WinSxS] directory and its accompanying content; since the seciond is not 'finished', it relies on the resources of the first with more or less success. A tandem of 'Pampers' system that is clearly seen in the previous figure. At the same time user must have 'loupe' for work with File Explorer (FE), and some better usability is when fonts are made bigger. But font of 'ribbon menu' can't be changed and is still to small. Who knows what will be in new FE?

 Compatibility Mode
Figure* 4.6.61 Future of Compatibility Mode? / Adjust of compatibility. ( + / - )

As almost all old program support works more problematically with every new version of operating system, compatibility menu maybe would be modified as show Figure above. When described sofware regarding compatibility, finds a solution will automatically 'pick up' a solution over Internet from the related OS (Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8). But do not get your hopes up that states fully solve the problem of compatibility, but will be better than before. Eg. states allowed for the software of image processing to 'find' scanner, but most of problems are not resolved.

To prevent 'UPGRADE' it is efficient to add the next entry in the 'registry', if it works:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Namely, the author's experience is that the specified key has no effect. If anything drives him crazy it's Microsoft's self-will, which does not allow to configure the system as author want. Next image is another attempt to prevent the automatic 'UPGRADE' of the build service to upgrade version of operatyng system 1607 to version 1809 or some other. You need to download the file 'wushowhide.diagcab' here, and run it in the command window (CMD) or in the form 'RUN'.

 Hide of UPGRADE
Figure******* 4.6.62 'Hide' of UPGRADE with 'wushowhide.diagcab'. ( + / - )

The 'Cumulative Update' is prevented because it is integrated into the installation .ISO file, but for some reason 'Windows 10' does not recognize it. Remain confused! Nothing out of the ordinary. Also, there are additional 'patches' which are nothing more than forcing an upgrade to a 'higher' version, according to the principle: 'I will not UPGRADE to a higher version! ... You will, you will!!! The described prevention really works!

End of service (support) for Windows 10, version 1511 for Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business (CBB) occured on October 10, 2017. So, My PC is now trash! Therefore, the author of these lines decided to install the 1607 version of this operating system, because it has an server service option, so the author hopes for at least a longer antivirus update. For this version of NVIDIA there is no driver, but for Windows 7 it has. Total mess. This 'service' approach in development of OS is most silly thing i have ever seen. In car industry service parts must be available at least five years after model is out of production. Microsoft changes his OS like socks, and 'guaranty' is miserable. Now Windows 10 became something like fashion, all with goal to make more many. Who cares for other things. Maintenance of the computer system will become a nightmare for large and small companies. Everything would be fine if it is maintained hardware and software backward compatibility, but in my experience so far - not even a little bit.

At a computer expo (COMDEX, November 1997), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the car industry (General Motors) and stated: 'If GM had kept up with the technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25.00 cars that got 1'000 miles to the gallon.'.

In response to Bill’s comments, GM issued a press release (by Mr. Welch himself) stating:

If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars with the following characteristics:

Who would want PC which crashes at least twice a day? Unfortunately, I am one of the users to whom this is happening. Since 1997 nothing has changed so far and the current situation is even worse.


 Pampers 10 Microsoft likes to call 'UPGRADE' as 'Future Update'. It's not shit, but the dog pooped! This is part of my opinion about 'Windows 10' operatyng system, and at this page is still enough place to put new descriptions. In addition, I need to revise my opinion about partitioning the disk system into partitions. I still recommend the division of the entire disk volume as at the table in the Chapter of 'Windows 7'. As well as defining the system policy as described so far, any updates (update and cumulative update) take place with or without any problems. Of course, without the ATI graphics card driver upgrade. But, all my recomedations described for Windows is not relevan for casual user. For him ther is inaf one disk and one partititon, or preinstaled system, and friend or service who will periodically clean his PC.

I will not waste time to describe one bad development approach of this product, for which its creators are trying with all his effort to become a multi-platform base like the 'Google mobile compatibility'. Should not sell it at all, rather than distribute it without charge, when already have intend to make money on the questionable 'services' they offer. And it is not a product that is constantly evolving, as they claim, but the least of them five that are even incompatible between themselves. Each development team themselves grass grazing!

In fact, I'm wrongly thinking. Basically, I'm a happy user because I no longer have to worry about what's going to happen after I upgrade my operating system. I would appreciate Microsoft to the grave. With some good free anti-malware and new generation of FF (FireFox), and still can take good care of my computer. And Microsoft will occasionally do something like with the RTM version, which is basically for the working of other PC hardware manufacturers and software developers. So even the original version is not worth it when it's constantly 'patched'? Buy new hardware and software at every update or upgrade? Pampers 10! And this is not the last Microsoft operating system, how they want to say. It have so much versions and subversions which on the fingers of the hands and feet can not be enumerated!

P.S. Everyone has their own favorite grandson / granddaughter, picture, car and the like. And I, who spent half my life on computer and installing operating systems, I have a favorite picture from which I immediately get sick:


It seems that the only way to eliminate unwanted UPGRADE is to use 'wushowhide.diagcab' (see Figures 4.6.62). Care should be taken if all the cleaning tools described have been cleared and this information has been deleted. All versions of Windows OS after version 1607 by me are heavy mishit.

P.P.S. Since the devil has never slept he whispered me to upgrade the existing operating system to version 1709. And during the installation promises, promises ... Promises - crazy rejoicing. The upgrade has 'wipe out' all the predefined settings and most drivers, and only the '$Recycle.Bin' icon remains on the desktop. Fortunately, the backup is updated regularly. And then I realized: 'Microsoft 'Windows 10' is not the operating system for the present time, but for some future time, and they probably have a vision of how must to look hardware and software, but we still do not know that. It is necessary to be patient and wait'. However to perceive, service access of maintenance the operating system (OS) is a fantastic thing. Take the car (OS) in the service and return to your coach!


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