3.4.3. Programs for Programming (Development)

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Features some of these language processors (programming tools) are:

ASSEMBLER - Symbolic language that each of your hardware
            instruction translates into a computer code,
            binary instruction processor. It is very fast in
            execution but painstakingly creating programs.
            With him will make the core of the OS.

C - Programming language derived from the development of
    the UNIX operating systems. It is characterized by the
    instructions that enable good control over the operation
    of computer hardware. It is therefore very suitable for
    the development of software operating systems.
    Gives quite fast executable code.
    It is suitable for Object-Oriented Programming.

FORTRAN - Language was created for the purpose of scientific
          and technical backgrounds. The name comes from the
          word FORmula TRANslation, translator of formulas.
          The program is created with a set of custom
          instruction simple math.
          It has a high accuracy in calculations.

COBOL - Language was created for the purpose of commercial
        operations, as accounting, sales and more.
        The name is abbreviation of the English term
        Common Business Oriented Oriented Language.
        Used in powerful and older systems.

PASCAL - Language general motives. It was named by
         famous French mathematician of the 17th century,
         the inventor of one of the first mechanical
         calculating machines.
         Especially suitable for structured programming.

ADA - A programming language named after a mathematician
      from the 19th century. Developed by order of the
      U.S. Department od Defense as universal programming
      language for use on all computer systems they use.
      It belongs to the structural languages and language
      in real time, which is very suitable
      for management control systems.

CLIPPER - Programming language designed for processing
          databases. Suitable for smaller computer systems
          as well as PC.

BASIC - General language dedicate very suitable for
        earning. It belongs to interpreters, and there are
        versions that have expanded and translator.
        The name is an acronym for:
        Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
        Diverse versions have been implemented on almost
        all computer systems. Most are used in education
        version of Microsoft BASIC's.

VBASIC - Microsoft programming language firm with graphic
         oriented interface with the object-oriented philosophy
         and a good deal made solutions that allow for quick
         programming in the Windows graphical environment.
         The basis is BASIC.

DELPHI - Programming language of company Borland based on
         the Pascal designed for rapid development of software
         (RAD - Rapid Application Development) with lot of tools
         as help in designing a graphic-oriented interface.
         It is very suitable for making complex software.

JAVA - Object-oriented programming language similar to C, but
       simplified regarding the reduction of the number of
       errors during the development of software. Adapted for
       for developers of web interface seem very reasonable.
       Java code runs on almost all platforms because of most
       of them are developed and compiler and interpreter.
       Originally developed in the company Sun Microsystems.

Once developed and tested program will take place somewhere on your hard disk. In meeting with other programs, and to resolve the tasks set, part of a software computer system. When a program or software range testing during development and test use verified and found to be free from defects, incoherent results, making access to the documents, which will include a series of instructions written in the source code and its description, describes the course of its development, the possibility of further improvements, it is possible problems and solutions, the necessary computer resources and instructions for installing and using the system.

Programming is therefore, the PROCESS of preparation, development and programming in order to solve tasks with the help of DCS as part for SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT that takes place at the following stages:

1.) TASK - perception of problems
           and select how to solve it.
2.) MAKING PHYSICAL MODEL - accurate description and formulation problems, input data, output data, boundaries, interconnection of data and so on.
3.) MATHEMATICAL MODEL - consideration of logical process and his presentation of mathematical expressions; input and output variables, constants, and their functional dependence. These three stages are ALGORITHM solving tasks.
4.) MAKING FLOW CHART - graphical representation of the execution previously described in detail the data, their relationships and actions and processes with them (Algorithms), which essentially represents procedure is running.
5.) WRITING AND ENTRY PROGRAM - based on language selection processors using the editor's written instructions to processor to a defined flow chart (source code). Then from that prepares executable file (binary code) and its associated components. The result is the desired software.
6.) TESTING PROGRAM - correction of possible errors source code or algorithm, and a reworking of program support. The process is repeated until all the bugs are not eliminated. Usually something slip and subsequently made 'patches', if necessary.
7.) MAKING OF DOCUMENTATION - write the necessary instructions about Installation of software in the DCS and its use. Documentation should be understood and writing is usually a person in making computer programs do not participate.

These stages of development are just one example of how approach solving the challenge. Certain home developer and development teams will have their own vision of development phases of software development. But if it is accepted by any of them should be consistently implemented because the only way to avoid the multitude of mistakes and wandering in the development of software.

As already mentioned, the command set of language processors and their syntax from each other is very different. The following figure illustrates how to write command lines for several of them for performing the same task.

 Hello world!

On the Internet can be find a number of examples for various programming languages such as shown in the previous Figure. Today, ASSEMBLER is very rarely used, only for special purposes, and for today's programmers may be the most convenient choice of C and JAVA. Of course, programming to retrieve some database via a WEB interface or development of software for some ANDROID platform, will require some additional skills.


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