Regional and Language settings

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For most people who come to the site 'IT alphabet' a statistical review by localization settings, it could be concluded that they belong to another country. One of the reasons that a lot of store-bought computers and laptops come with pre-installed version of the operating system that does not care much about localization. What does it need to be set if everything works? The very fact that sadness, because it shows the Croatian nation is computer illiterate. Setting sites for our area is a sore point. When there is already a case of ' point ', the author of these lines is not yet clear which is its 'official and practical' role in the numerical display of the Croatians, because his children were taught in school it is applied in all kinds of different ways. For their purposes, uses the setting as follows.

 Regional and Language settings
Figure 4.5.73 Setting localities, regional settings.

Blue button with an arrow to the left and is mapped to the links of the page to descriptions of system configurations.

Date and Time

The date and time are automatically set to the correct value only but no modes, which are basically divided into shorter and extended display.

 Date and Time  

Figure 4.5.74 Setting of date and time.  

Time Zone is set during the installation of the Operating System. Change the date and time is trivial operation that is performed in the card ||Date and Time||. Possible through other tabs to set for two hours, which is very handy if you often travel 'overseas', and change the server to perform synchronization clock.

Regional and Language Options

Setting regional settings for short and long form showing the date and time, and the method of displaying numerical values shown in the next set of pictures.

 Regional Date and Time Options
Figure 4.5.75 Adjusting the regional settings of displaying date and time.

Choice /Additional settings.../ the above figure ushers in a new window that has basically set as above, but with more detail that can be adjusted.

 Regional numbers settings
Figure 4.5.76 Adjusting the regional settings for numeric values and currency.

 Regional Time settings
Figure 4.5.77 Adjusting the regional date and time settings.

Possible somewhere in the 'Official Gazette' writes that the correct format, but the author of these lines of thought that the default settings are used only because users do not know how to change and that the Croats are still computer illiterate nation. One little curiosity on this subject. This author has repeatedly had the opportunity to meet with the computers that are parents of children adopted from Germany or Italy has some thirty years back, all is set and translated from the BIOS onwards. So much for protecting national shrines called - the native language.


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