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Fast Internet has become a completely understandable thing we expect to use wherever we are located. But in reality this is not always the case. Optical and cable communication links allow speeds above 100 Mbps, but this is mostly available in cities. Even in the city center can be 'stuck' at low speeds, if the distance from the ISP center is large and there is no good VDSL connection, or cable Internet is not available. In smaller pueblo, the Internet is almost unknown. The solution is a mobile Internet that provides acceptable communication speeds on 4G (5G) networks. For this purpose, a device called 'Homebox' is used. One of the major advantages of mobile Internet is that the device can take with you, in a weekend cottage or hotel room on vacation, include it in electricity, and the device is ready to work immediately. Helpful, because you do not have to think about whether someone is offering fast internet at the location you've gone.

The next set of images shows a fairly versatile 'Huawei B315s' device.

Figure*** 7.6.14 Homebox Internet / Blok-scheme of the device. ( + / - )

As the WAN and LAN standard improves, the example and description of this type of device will wait a bit.



It will be made ASAP!



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