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 Gamepad The gamepad is an indispensable part of playing games on your computer. It replaced the joystick device and its software makes it possible to adjust each of its control element in order to accommodate the needs of a game. In addition, mice with a multitude of programmable keys are also part of the game equipment. These peripherals are not relevant to the description on this page. Playing on the computer, versus sporting competitions, is a new play discipline, both for big and small, compared to playing devices, as a 'pinball' shown in Figure 1.2 of the multimedia Chapter, which were basically in the game room. Great gameplay has been gained in a small and highly acceptable platform - a smartphone. But, with all the playability of games on that platform, will never reach the quality and complexity of games that are made for computer platforms. These are 'games' for small children. This particular smartphone is the main 'culprit' as my grandson learned early self-pee and poop. 'If you know with the two years to playing on the phone, then you'll learn to do shit yourself.' - pronouncedly said Mother.

But let's just ignore the 'little' technology, and to make it clear what is really playing on the computer. True, gaming computers as console players such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and others are used for the purpose of playing, but it's all that impervious to a powerful PC. The computer from Example II in the chapter on Windows 10 OS is by features that are barely acceptable for today's games.

At first, everything seemed ridiculous in one way. Ping-Pong, Tetris and other games had poor and weak graphics, but they were 'contagious', especially Tetris. The screenshot on the screen was about how to show the next thumbnails.

 Very Old Games
Figure 1.1 PC games; Ping-Pong, Tetris, Sokoban.

Just playing games and playing is one of the fastest reason of developing PC graphics cards. The operating system itself is not very demanding, but the games are quite different. Make the texture of trees that sway in the wind, the excitement of the sea or something like this is a rather demanding task for the graphic processor (GPU - Graphics Processing Unit), which basically has much more transistor units than the microprocessor (CPU - Central Processing Unit). A CPU consists of a few cores optimized for sequential serial processing of data while a GPU has a massively parallel architecture consisting of thousands of smaller, more efficient cores designed for handling multiple tasks simultaneously. GPU-accelerated computing offloads compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU, while the remainder of the code still runs on the CPU. From a user's perspective, applications simply run much faster.

Around 2005, the games already have a realistic graphic as the next image appears.

 Panzer Elite Action  iStripper
Figure 2.1 Game 'Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory'.  

'Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory' is a World War II tank action game, in which the player can command a platoon of either German (4 tanks) or American (5 tanks) forces in three scenarios. The player can roster the crew for each tank in his platoon, based on their skills, which increase over time. New members of crew become available over time, for replacement of dead and wounded. They may also be awarded historical medals.

Game has two modes of gaming:

The next 'movie' depicts the crew of the submarine simulation 'Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific', and is noticeably well-liked graphics. The simulation uses detailed and accurate 3D graphics to immerse the player in the environment of a World War II submarine.

 Video 8
Slika***** 3.1 'Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific' / Network playing. ( + / - )

Compared to the shown this series of games has its previous and subsequent performances. It all started in 1996, to disappear after 2016 with total collapse of on-line game introduced in 2013 that is badly accepted. The fourth version of this simulation game, maybe best version, can be used in both of the above two modes, but unfortunately for the players, as time goes by the manufacturers after a while, the servers are shut down. However, some independent firms like 'Tunngle' support network play with a very affordable membership fee.

Figure**** 4.1 Server for network gaming 'Tunngle' / Router settings for 'Tunngle'. ( + / - )

With 'Tunngle' service you can use the Local Area Network (SOHO) Multiplayer Option of your games to play with your friends online. For this purpose, the appropriate software must be downloaded from their server. Figure 4.1a shows the interface that allows gaming, and Figure 4.1b shows how to configure the router to make their program support work well (a green smile in the lower right corner of the interface). Figure 4.1c shows two networked players which can communicate via the 'Tunngle' interface. A set of Figures 3.1 shows screen-shots of game when two players are on the network. Network gaming is increasingly taking on social significance every day, and even tournaments are organized, most often organized by graphic card manufacturers in terms of promotion of their products (Figure 4.1e). Unfortunately, due to legal regulations on user privacy service is shut down. Perhaps in the future will be offer something similar.

The theme of this page is not to show genres of games that are available to users, and there are quite a few. On the left side of the 'Tunngle' interface, they are ranked in their vision. But, as time goes by the concept of online gaming has changed a bit. With today's powerful PCs and high-speed Internet, the user acquires client-based software that connects to the dedicated server (client-server architecture) and is even more effective. The next step shows one of the compilations showing the features of such games.

 Video 9
Figure 5.1 Best Free On-line Games You Should Play In 2017.

The main feature of this games, apart from the self-sufficiency part of a game, does not allow you to play on your computer independently. And no one can say that the chosen scenes from the games do not look fascinating.

So, graphic card evaluated from time related to Figure 1.1 Modern graphic cards for new generation of gaming have to work of more much of task then before. For knowledge about basic features of Graphic card read further.

One of the popular on-line game (gaming over network) is 'WoT', shown in the next movie.

 Video 10
Figure 6.1 The client-server play of 'World of Tanks'.

'World of Tanks' (WoT) is a massively multiplayer online internet game developed in 2010. 'WoT' has been ported to multiple gaming consoles, what significantly contributes to the popularity of this game. Is playing for free, basically, but if you want a better armor or something else - pay it! And it works perfectly. Earnings are huge. The same goes for the game 'World of Warships'.

 Video 11
Figure 7.1 The client-server play of 'World of Warships'.

All described refers to games supported by computers and servers in a shared work over internet. But modern electronics with its miniaturization and even lower price make it possible to use 'computers' in toys. This is a topic related to the next commercial film.

 Video 12
Figure**** 8.1 Revell Control Battle Game - 24224. ( + / - )

In Figure 8.1b shows the inside of the tank (toy). The main elements of control are electric motors; EM1-O1 the right-hand drive wheel electric motor, EM2-O2 the left-hand drive wheel electric motor, EM3 electric motor of tank dome, 4×LED indicators and Z speaker for acoustic effects.

Figure 8.1c shows the control electronics of the tank characterized by four integrated circuits; C1 - MX1508 remote controller, C2 - MX08E transceiver (transmitter and receiver), C3 - AX-1S programming RAM and various of communication protocols interface, i C4 - TRSP5042A Speech DAC (DA-converter). Of course, similar electronics are built into the remote control of gamer.

The work tank is controlled by the remote controller shown in Figure 8.1d, which contains the communications electronics by means of which orders are issued to work as a tank. Do a tank controlled by a microcontroller? Basically no, because there is no fully functional counter-watch - WDT (Watch Dog Timer). But it has self-control elements, because when the tank is switched on via the remote control, four LEDs are sequentially ignited, indicating that the functionality is checked. But if speaker is detach that is not recognizes by self-test, but self-test recognizes, for example, that the batteries are being exhausted.

An interesting toy is a mini-dron with a camera, but its range of control is very small, which is to be expected due to its size.

 Mini Dron
Figure* 9.1 Mini Dron with Camera. ( + / - )

According to Figure 9.1b, it should be noted that no bolt is required for its assembly.

It is not necessary to use a computer or microelectronics just for playing. There are a lot of 'games' that have an educational character. But also toys that do not 'shoot' each other as in the previous example. One of them is an interactive map of the world shown in the following Figure.

 World map
Figure 10.1 Interactive map of World.

This map allows for a geographic entertainment. Talks when the child pressed something on it. 1000 facts and quiz questions about the countries of the world:

It covers 78 active countries, quiz with two levels, challenge mode for two players with scores and can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor. Educational electronics toy. But there is one particular simple toy which I immensely like.

 Electronic toy - Bear    iStripper
Figure 11.1 Talking Bear.  

The bear stands on the armchair behind me and looks how I sort the HTML code. If I make a mistake, I put a stick on my finger and say 'I'm wrong, I have to make it a little different'. He immediately agreed and repeated what I said. Fortunately, there is no additional function because who knows what kind of answer I will get from him.


Definitely, over the last thirty years, electronic chips have come so miniaturized and powerful that they are used in such a way that, for example, mobile phones can monitor the performance of all home appliances and even toys. Microelectronics has forever sophisticated life for us. To a large extent changed the way of learning and playing children, which would on the other hand may have some negative social aspects.

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