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The difference between the aforementioned versions of 'Windows 10' operating systems is shown in the following table.

  Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro
Create and join a domain (work network) No Yes
BitLocker No Yes
Group policy management No Yes
Remote Desktop No Yes
Hyper-V No Yes
Assigned Access No Yes
Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer No Yes
Windows Store for Business No Yes
Trusted Boot No Yes
Windows Update for Business No Yes
Max supported RAM 128 GB 2 TB

Computer vendors mostly offer a preinstalled 'Home' version of the operating system, which most casual users are satisfied with. But if you have special needs, like me, first is choosing the x86 version of the operating system for better compatibility with the older 'purchased' software. There is still to be purchased at the distributors as 'Amazon' or 'eBay'. Then select one of the many versions (builds) of the 'Windows 10' operating system. The choice fell to version 1511_2 because it proved to be the most stable regarding older software. No matter what 'retired' is. At least there is no dilemma that will bring the new fabrication of 'Microsoft'. But Windows Defender antivirus protection, in spite of the 'R.I.P' status (Rest In Peace), is regularly updated as is the Office 2013 software. At least they can enabled security patches - but they did not. Pathetic! Next, choose to edit an existing installation or create a new installation media. For future installations, it is better to edit the installation media. The choice is made according to Figure 5 by the action ' L2 ' on the dimmed line. Dimmed line rarely done action ' L1 '.

 NTLite - Učitavanje 'Windows 10'
Figure* 5. Loading 'Windows 10' contents.

The 'Pro' version was selected for the preservation of the installation of part of the software indicated by the yellow background in the previous table. It is good to have control over the system policy of the computer, and 'BitLocker' should be supported if the appropriate TPM module is installed. Software 'NTlite' at first mount and then loading the installation media content from the [#Windows] directory and extracted it into the [$Temp-2]] directory. When mounting gray 'ball' turning blue and after loading turning green and appears new menu on the left side of the window as shown in Figure 6.

 NTLite - Mogućnosti
Figure 6. NTLite support capabilities after loading content.

So, it is now possible to remove individual installation contents, configure the behavior of the OS, integrate patches and drivers, and something else. As the drivers periodically upgrading is not a great need to integrate them into the operating system, but it is better to keep them up to date in a some place and use them when the time comes to install the operating system. It can be made a little quantity adjustment, which basically can be done later, and as the main 'weapon' remains 'REMOVING REDUNDANT CONTENT'.

 NTLite - Instalacija  Babylon Traffic
Figure* 7. Configure the compatibility of the installation.  

To avoid confusion when choosing what to remove and not, see the animation in Figure 7 using the COMPATIBILITY window and marking what can not be removed and NTlite will automatically protect it. Powerful! Nuhi knows what he's doing. Still a little bit of analysis on your computer at home is not needed.

First, to list services that can safely be removed.

Gray colored services can be left out, or deleted, but banned from performing because they may be needed. And accessories that are offered for installation can be more than stupid. The user's will is to choose what software to leave.

  • 3D apps
  • Alarms & Clock
  • Camera
  • Calculator
  • Food
  • Get Office
  • Get Skype
  • Get started
  • Groove Music
  • Health
  • Mail & Calendar
  • Messaging
  • Microsoft Wi-Fi
  • Money
  • Movies & TV
  • News
  • One Note
  • People
  • Photos
  • Reader
  • Scan
  • Snipping Tool
  • Solitaire
  • Sports
  • Sway
  • Travel
  • Voice Recorder
  • Xbox
  • Maps
    (if you are not interested
    for map of your location)

What a benefit of news of any kind if they are not from my environment. Just stuffing the disk with useless content. Elimination can be done for 'OneDrive' and the similar. What a benefit of clouds if the connection is weak or mobile devices are not used. I do not know if the benefits of 'Cortane' when already following messages. Remains STORE & Weather service, if I change my mind for something, like 'Ookla Speed-Test' or 'My Family Tracker'.


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