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Network system Novell NETWARE firm was formerly one of the most effective system for connecting a PC. Network properties of today's operating systems are completely ga superseded but the concept of client-server architecture, and still more than present. Servers perform more complex tasks in relation to the tasks that they once had. As every PC with today's operating systems (like Windows 7 or some Linux) server is able to direct file exchange or give printing service is also possible without a dedicated server.

How else sometimes find a local network that the system serves, especially in accounting firms, is not ga superfluous to analyze, particularly for his work on the concept of client-server principles. For security system for the user on the server can specify:

Specified NetWare makes a comprehensive system for security. Supervisor of network is obligated to take care of all this. Of course, you can administrate and access to certain network resources.

NetWare network system is configured in a number of separate units. Overall disk resources consist of two basic parts:

1.) SYS partition - partition with system directories
                  - System (server software
                    available only supervisor)
                  - login (user registration & activation)
                  - public (shared network applications)
                  - mail (directory within which each
                    receives mail in its own subdirectory
                    which can create their own directories)
                  - other directories (client needs)

2.)  Other - partition into which you can install a second
             programs that will use a single user or more.

Creating a new directory partition can be done only by the system administrator, and give the user the rights to 'his' directory can create the following branches of the directory tree under discretion.

If one user is working on your work station and leave the other, the other user's own login password automatically means check out the previous user on the station. The same user can log in to multiple stations. Basically, the number of active users on the network is less than or equal to the number of stations supported by the network, and a list of authorized network users is not limited. Thus, the number of users who can log on to the network system is not limited by the number of work stations (5, 10 ...) for which the network is dimensioned (purchased).

Of course, if more people knew the sign of one of the users can abuse the network resources. Therefore, it is possible that each user can modify the password to log into the system.

One user can log on with multiple work stations and with each other to perform the task. If you log out of one workstation to another will continue to be reported.

Architecture Novell NetWare network system is shown in the following Figure:

 NetWare network architecture    iStripper
Figure 3.6.15 Architecture NetWare network system.    

The tasks of the individual parts:

So, in terms of establishing a network of communication in computer networks is necessary to load and execute a memory-support computer software in the following order:

 Tasks in the network
Table 3.6.16 Actions to establish network communications.

The table presents the general principles of establishing communication, and therefore not described parameters, which should follow the steps, as well as peculiarities in the case of connecting the various network resources. The most interesting part of the Netware network system is that for each work station on the server can keep her picture (image), the whole operating system workstation with a range of support, which can switch on workstations copies in its working memory. And an optical disk drive is not required (diskless). For this purpose, the network card must have an additional chip (BootPROM) which allows the initial connection to the server and from the address entered in the EPROM network card (IPX address) to download the corresponding operating system image from the server and its load in working memory becomes. Image of operating system can be developed based on DOS or Windows 9X operating system. Novell NetWare user support on the user's computer and the operating system supports Windows XP (Client Service for NetWare). This solution is very acceptable for an accounting firm or a small store.

Variety of OS and hardware computer basics hamper harmonization of different computing platforms to work together in a network. Connecting homogeneous system makes creating a network of support and program support to be used. However, manufacturers of network equipment to successfully enable coordinated operation of different systems in a networked environment using for this purpose a specially designed components and program support to reaching a successful interconnection between them. Establishing the OSI reference model of the computer by the ISO greatly facilitates the various producers of computer and networking equipment to achieve mutual compatibility work.

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The most widespread conception of power systems now on the principle of client-server, many user workstations connected to one or more servers. Network interface to the server must exist at each work station, forms a shell around the OS becomes, and is responsible for any interception of DOS commands that indicates the application program.

Network devices can generally be divided into three groups:

              1. Server / host (computer, UPS)
              2. Workstation (computer, monitor and keyboard)
              3. Other equipment (printers, plotters, CD-ROM, streamer,
                 modems, network cards, etc.)

The server will be mostly realized as a high-quality computer, will have a better and more powerful disk and memory resources of the workstation, and will use RAID for security data integrity and UPS to ensure a constant flow of energy. Resources workstation must meet the tasks for which it is intended. Machines and computer designer may not be similar properties or by program nor its support circuitry.

The simplest and cheapest network configuration would be between the same computer (OS) directly connecting their network cards into a transmission line bus topology in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) organization, and one of the computers can be organized as a file server, and others may be necessary to operate as a work station. Very stable network in accordance with these principles may be realized operating system Windows XP, which has implemented a network to support this type of network.

Network Card is the basic physical electronic circuitry necessary for the achievement of communication and at the lowest layer of the OSI model. But weakness in the design of the bus topology is that faulty card can disrupt the entire network. Stellate configuration with the use of HUB in this sense is more resilient. Sophisticated HUB have the option of turning off the defective network card from the network system and change and control parameters using computer programs, but such a solution is much more expensive, especially for a network with several users. Fortunately reliability electronics sufficiently satisfactory that they can accept and simpler and cheaper solutions. Per mode regarding distributed traffic HUB belongs to L1 devices at OSI model.

Developments in technology and falling prices in the market in recent years allow the design of today's networks with switches, which significantly contributes to the efficient distribution of network traffic. Besides modern switches have more elements of security and multi-role capability and significantly faster processing and transfer of data in relation to the facilities a few years ago. Therefore, it is possible and voice telephony (IP telephony) as one of the supported modes of communications. In addition to this design is that the transactions can be distributed to L2, or L3 layer of the OSI model, but the place and role in the network. Sure L3 models are more expensive.


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