4.4.3. Adjusting regional settings

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When you install the operating system from the start installation procedure asks the user whether to automatic or custom install. The more detailed the more interesting because you can immediately choose whether to install the 'online games', set the local settings and network cards and more. True, all of these parameters can be adjusted subsequently. Setting localities does not mean to be installed and complete interface in English, Croatian or any other language, but adjust settings based on which will show the date and time the way you want, choose the time zone, keyboard layout and presentation of numbers and currencies. For a complete installation of all necessary display in another language, as some menus and various facilities to help, need an installation CD that contains all of the needs of localities. Very often they are pirated English version of Windows.

Localities are set by selection {Start}-{Contol Panel}-{Regional and Language Options}. By this choice follows the window shown in the following Figure.

 Setting of localities (labels)
Figure 4.4.16 Setting of localities (labels).

The Figure shows how to set the locale for the display of numbers and time. The user can accept or offered by Elections |Customize...| make yourself at will. Basically display settings that offered to use 'on the other side of the pond'. If however the user to change his perception (as shown) it may happen that a file is saved, the user with a different operating system settings can not be read correctly. Problems can arise when the EXCEL program support type, which uses mathematical expressions. Author of these lines are often angry because it does not automatically translate and it still is not quite clear on what the Croatian standard - a decimal point or a comma. And it's all mixed together in short sentences that end with a period. Until further notice, let in Croatia is a decimal point and comma leave to Americans. This in itself is not enough. You need to set the basic input device for entering data into a computer system and meant for general - KEYBOARD.

 Setting of localities (keyboard)
Figure* 4.4.17 Setting of localities (keyboard). ( + / - )

Neither this should not be much of a problem, but ... Localities belonging to the default settings of the user, and if the existing Anglo-Saxon schedule add key layout to the site, register on the system as an administrator can happen to a default configuration of the Anglo-Saxon and you can not log in because the password has set up a ' Z ' which is, ate, on the 'wrong' place. One should remember that in speed. Be sure to define for all users which is default layout. A better solution is made and accepted (apply) local key layout as the default, and all the others then immediately DELETE, so the system engineer rescues possible 'hassle'. Among other things, saves him and quickly restriction rights of user as shown in Figure 4.4.11.

However, this by itself is not enough to solve the disgrace, shame or whatever it says. Recent visits to colleagues in the Benelux countries 'had died of laughter' when they see that the keyboard has a QWERTY (or QWERTY) key layout, if they are from 'time immemorial' use DVORAK layout. Well, now ...

There is another place where we need to define your origin. Certain software refuses to work properly if you do not define the part shown below.

 Setting of localities (nationally)
Figure 4.4.18 Setting of localities (nationally).

True, all recommend Unicode (UTF-8) character set, but when the user, at least in the Croatian area, decides to use this character standard, it can be two things happen. First, his writings will not recognize users who use Windows 98 system, unless you install Microsoft's software, which can be downloaded from their base, in order to overcome this problem, and will also result in confusion when exchanging messages between Windows and Linux environment. Not only that, but when you install some other mail-client that has defined a different default character set (ISO or Unicode), confusion in communication is inevitable. Lucky numbers have not changed their places in the original ASCII table, then it would be complete chaos, especially in spreadsheets. What the author of these lines especially irritating is that program support used to create these pages for Croatian specific graphemes in 'UTF-8 configuration' shows as special characters.

 Girls  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper


If the localities fails to adjust the operating system installation procedure, the user-pattern, or the content of the [Default User], which is used to create other users, will have entered the U.S. default localization settings. If the locale setting then perform subsequent report by (login) of a user on the system localization changes apply only to him, entering passwords implies U.S. key layout, and must also be used to 'mischievous and lazy' localization of the user and the task performed subsequent code which includes for example the letter ' Z ', or some other sign that the button layout for localities has a different location so there is a little 'entertains' when logging in to the system.

Analysis of Croatian users of this site shows that most users of the English-speaking world, which is not true because all the networks 'attacking' these sites are mostly from this region. It just means that the Croats and their neighbors (do not offend), in principle, have described the set localities settings and they are all in-house 'foreigners'. Wonderful, so the computer education in schools, and protecting national sanctities.

A small suggestion; until resolved mess around setting localities and Unicode, it is used only in correspondence ASCII characters. That it was an accident when you're in the whole global environment is insignificant and small. As the only all Slovenians managed to localize and not allow almost anything as per the previous chapter is not resolved? Or just say that?


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