5.1.8. X Window graphics subsystem

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X Window is graphics subsystem and indeed just that - subsystem. In the initial pages were mentioned peculiarities Linux - Debian operating system, these are the levels of usability of which work in a graphical environment is only one possible. Reminiscent of the MS-DOS operating system on which it was 'grafted' graphical shell. But not even close to the same or similar, except for the first impression.

Window System is a GUI (Graphical User Intrface), GUI operating system type Unix-Linux. Is implemented as a separate program support in the operating system environment that works on the principles of client-server architecture. The concept dates from the terminal connected to the computer network infrastructure from the 80ies of the Figure 3.6.4. server that is part of the program support, while the terminals associated with it using client support which is delivered from the server image to the monitor based on the demands from the terminal.

Concept has remained, but the manner of use has changed. For correct operation of the operating system and services running on the completed projects graphics support is not necessary, especially if the computer is used as a server. But if the computer is used for personal use and is not necessarily connected to the network must have all the elements of X architecture, as it is often shortened to, if he wants to use a graphical display:

  • X server - Developed that receives the data provided by a mouse or keyboard, and that the final results forwarded to the monitor or the computer user.

  • X client-application - Software (applications) user of any kind that wants to deliver some data to the server on which this creates the appropriate file and returns it to the user.

  • Window manager - Developed that frames the program support in one window and enables to change the its size or other characteristics, shut the windows and the like.

If more than one PC using GUI and is used in the network does not have to change anything regarding this and all computers alone can not contain all the elements are connected in a way that shows the upper half of the next Figure (DCS 1).

 X Window
Figure 5.1.10 Principle of X Window client-server architecture.

Keyboard mouse and monitor directly connected to the server, and on the presentation of separate applications, i.e. client-users, such as Internet browser, calculator, text editor or other, cares window manager so that each of the applications displayed in its own window. So, nothing special, everything is already commonly used in the Windows OS.

If all the computers in the network, nothing makes more complex, but more options are available to illustrate the previous image, which may or may not use. At first glance, it may immediately claim benefits if, for example, in one classroom into a series of weaker computer hardware device, a successful walk Internet using a Web browser will be more comfortable if they are in the business of helping one powerful computer on which the server to be used all other participants in the network because then they have to have their own server that would have wasted resources.


Often used saying: 'As scams used lies, big lies and statistics'. It's probably best know Croatian politicians with 'heavy' work and life experience. A visitor statistics pages of 'The Alphabet' says that over 95% of visitors used Windows operating system. Linux uses about 2% of the users, of which the leading Ubuntu operating system has a proportion of about 0.5%. This is why the pages that related to Linux systems are often not updated, statistics were acceptable or not. The results are based on Awstats (Advanced Web Statistics) and Google Analytics system for monitoring events on a server that uses 'The Alphabet'. The first of these statistical sources said that the OS server that is used for 'The Alphabet' a Linux version. It seems that Linux has an increasing share in the server field, while at home and in the workplace dominant Windows operating system. If there is a 'turning point', this site will devote greater attention. For professionals described on this site is anyway too small, because these are only introductory basics for beginners.

However, these can not be accepted totally exclusive. The Linux kernel is the basis of Android smartphones, and Debian as the operating system used by devices that task is not in a function of classical computer, such as a NAS device for SOHO use 'WD My Book Live'.


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