4.4.4. Windows XP in the network

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Bigger is stated that during the installation can choose automatic installation and user access. The first will give a computer generated name based on a built-in sample, assign general WORKGROUP settings and DHCP to retrieve network configuration and network cards, which for most users at home enough. IP address of the computer will profit directly from the service provider via a modem-router to which is connected to the Internet. If it is performed by networking multiple computers at home or in an institution that is planned as the network will look like, then some of the settings should be changed according to the needs and planned network scheme.

Setting network parameters already described in Chapter 4.3.4 and ga before continuing reading these lines should read. However, the planned sequence of actions should first be assigned a name and a computer belonging to a group (or domain if ga monitors server). If this is not done at the beginning of the plan, during the completion of this process the computer will restart. The network must not exist two computers with the same name. {Start}-{Control Panel}-{System}-||Computer name||-|Change...| what follows next image.

 Computer settings  

Figure 4.4.28 Computer settings.    

If this accidentally happens to have a computer in a computer network with the same name, on the desktop on computers with the same name 'jump' the message that they are in 'conflict of interest' in the moment when they are both connected to the network. Thus, network planning is not without significance. When the computer got its name, to access resources which are configured via network card {Start}-{Control Panel}-{Network Connections}, which will see all available network resources. A computer according to the example in the following Figure no wireless communication.

 Network connection
Figure 4.4.29 Network connection.

They select a network card charge for network access. D1 action to the appropriate network card and selecting {Properties} comes to setting of the network card (NIC). Settings are adjusted according to a pre-planned network diagram. More about this in the next page. The second network card in the example used for surveillance purposes, and it needs to adjust to this task, which is not the topic of this reading. If the work does not recognize the network card is assigned its parameters or for some reason 'confused' (power surge), the restoration of the same is done according to the following picture.

 Restoring the network settings  iStripper
Figure* 4.4.30 Repair the network settings. ( + / - )  

If the networked computers do not immediately recognize it, it is good to prepare a directory for data exchange (share) to advertise the improved resource sharing, which may not be of importance (Figure 4.4.9c), but only to those users which need it, and avoid user group EVERYONE who would be able to access this directory. This facilitates access to the shared printer. In addition it is good all services that are in establishing the reach of shared resources run set to AUTO, to run when a computer is turned on. At the same computer that provides resources should be available first on, in order to remain that these resources are used immediately fetching networks find what they need. However, if a computer printer offers available only recently, is already on the computer that retrieved the printer will not recognize it and will overshadow ga (Use Printer Offline). Then the shared printer, it becomes accessible to manually 'revive', because the procedure is not done automatically since it eventually made the situation analysis offered resources. It remains what the situation was when you turn on your computer.


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