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If consider today's smart phones and tablets, the concept of work is almost no difference, but a significant difference in the size of the screen to show the content. The trend is the growing use of screen smartphone, regarding readability, so this is how closer to tablet. Moreover, the primary purpose of their wireless communication at a distance, even though many have Wi‑Fi features about connecting to your home network, and searches the Internet to remote locations is still too expensive peculiarity. True, a smartphone with a client-server features of program support, if implemented, can manage devices in the Wi‑Fi environment, smaller and more accessible regarding the operation of the tablet, but the opinion of the author of these lines is still more comfortable to watch multimedia content on a tablet, and the resources of tablet are more powerful. It would be nice to have access to both devices, preferably the same company, but still give priority pill. Versatile for use on all user-household. And both there in abundance of all sorts of manufacturers. The following table shows the characteristics of only some of them.

 Tablet Comparison
Figure 2.1 Comparison of tablet computers from different manufacturers.

First, it is interesting to notice is that the screen is slightly smaller in size than the screen of CRT computer monitor IBM PC-XT from in 1983. year, and that the capacity of micro SD card significantly exceeds its hard drive. And other components of tablet surpass specified PC. Indeed, depending on the built-in capabilities to serve as a phone. A simple device for handling with multiple options. Thus, the development of microelectronics is more than obvious. Particularly with regard to multimedia content. According to the specifications in Table tablet mobile screen larger than a mobile phone that can have all the features as well as a mobile phone. Almost most tablets use ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) microprocessor family, which combines the CPU and GPU organization into a unified whole, of which perhaps the most interesting microprocessor 'Cortex - Dual Core A15' using at two models shown in the table, and it is characterized by great flexibility in the making. The most powerful version of 'Cortex-A15 MPCore' has the following main features:

How many of these will be incorporated into the casing of microprocessors and apply depends on ordering party. The above version of the microprocessor and its previous versions are the basis for microprocessors Nvidia Tegra, Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP and others, and to him and he saw the Apple A6. From the table in Figure 2.1 shows that the appearance of tablets in all sizes approximate performance, but their computing power are different. The following picture shows one per resolution weakest and least expensive model in the table, although he can fully meet user about their dedicate.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) tablet  
Figure 2.2 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.  

What is interesting for the model shown is that both of the two models at the end of the table using the same microprocessor technology but different concepts and power, with their operating system from the same family, but different revisions. By definition, the most powerful model used until now (autumn 2013.) The latest version of the operating system 'Android' and the table shows that almost all presented models have a different operating system. In addition, the amount of money that the user is ready to invest in a mobile device depends on the number of 'available' enlargement. Shown tablet almost resembles the laptop or notebook, but no keyboard or mouse. Does he need? Basically no, because a tablet has a touch screen that is easy to manage, and the keyboard is needed is displayed as an image with the 'touch'. If tablet is rotated, and keyboard adapt to the new position of the user. This is not a rule, because the 'Microsoft Surface' available cover of screen that represents a very thin keyboard, a futuristic version of the mouse, and a special pen (Pen Input) provides some additional useful activities.

How the market will accept certain types of these devices will show time. The following figure shows the relationship of operating systems and devices on the world market at late of 2010. year.

 Statistics of mobile OS and devices  BFG
Figure 2.3 Statistics of mobile OS and devices.  

'Other' has very much, because there are among the operating systems of all generations of operating systems, which means that the main 'battle' waged between 'iOS' and 'Android' operating system. The peculiarity of these rivals is that both of the two rapid growth up an increasing part of the presented 'pie', but it is essentially a huge difference.

Although the percentage of presence in the market for both products is growing, Android is growing faster, which is not surprising because it has accepted a multitude of manufacturers, and has already proven programming and strong company - Google, really can offer quality solutions, especially for the sake of it because it is always ready to listen good suggestion and affordable for cooperation. It is hard not to note that the current leadership has the iPad, because of faith in the quality of the product, and probably because they were the first to introduce this type of mobile device and failed to protect against industrial espionage. While the other way around, they are well earned. In America, they have great popularity while in Europe and Asia, not really. Described resembles the story of a company PHILIPS that has developed 'tape' and gave free license rights to others, but while other way around ...

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