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 Prema 'Control Panel' If the command line, or in the viewfinder, the main menu or in a separate form for assigning commands to get a combination of keys <Windows> + <R>, ordered hdwwiz.exe execute file (system tools), by typing its name and pressing <Enter>, which is located in the directory [C:\Windows\System32], which is included in the default path to Figure 4.5.23, we get the follow ups to the next picture, which allows you to add devices from the list based on the devices, or from set of installation files copied to some directory .vhd file (virtual disk).

 Add Hardware Wizard  

Figure*** 4.5.81 Adjusting the hardware. ( + / - )  

This is not the only file that can be used, but it is a good deal available, such as systemic gpedit.msc tool that represents the 'Local Group Policy Editor' or editor to edit a policy, similar to Figure 4.4.13 for Windows XP. This file is located in the directory [C:\Windows\System32], where there is a considerable number of commands that are entered on the 'Command prompt' window any can be used in a variety .bat files in the example files to delete temporary files and directories that is activated when you turn on your computer, and that is the basic unperfect content shown in Chapter 4.4.2.

Part of software should be downloaded from the Microsoft sites. Software for reading electronic mail is not included in the operating system, at least in this distribution, but the free offer program support at the headquarters 'Windows Live Essentials' can take something out of their choice, which is offered by the user to download and run the initial files for download software products is shown below.

 Download of software
Figure 4.5.82 Selection of software to download.

Program support 'Windows Live Mail' (WLM) has a similar setup parameters 'Outlook Express' support for the program from the Windows XP operating system and at first glance it seems like it was designed just for their servers, but the addition of new accounts, as shown below, can be read the post and from other ISPs, which can be seen from the picture 4.5.84a.

 E-mail Account
Figure 4.5.83 Adding a new user account.

WLM program support work, and the work of IE, is of no consequence as the theme of this chapter (perhaps as part of one specific IT terms), but for IE and WLM significantly to dodge working folders outside partition operating system, because it can be filled with a vast amount of data . Therefore, it is important to properly set the selection from the ||Advanced||-|Maintenance...| and place |Store Folder...| change in shape by choosing from |Change...| how to display images 4.5.84b and 4.5. 84C.

 Mailbox folders  

Figure** 4.5.84 Change of storing data. ( + / - )  

Sets the location for storing user data in a folder that is outside the partition on which the system is very important, because basically sloppy users keep all attachments that you receive in the database application that knows why grow to several GB. In this day and age when electronic mail transfer large amounts of data this is very important. Already mentioned letter for security can be applied here.

Upon installation of software modules that have the most effect as service switch on the computer and have a variety of tasks, from the automatic upgrade (update) program support activities to send the manufacturer, or they are available to meet immediately handy to the user. In this way, it helps the user during work, but if such services are not used often, or activate a module of software whose activity the user wishes, the time required to reach operational computer slows down and the memory and CPU resources are needlessly wasted. Activity or inactivity of software installed, or some of its modules is determined by running the system tools (System Configuration Utility) msconfig.exe from the command line to the following picture.

 Activity of software
Figure* 4.5.85 List of activated programs when turn on computer. ( + / - )

When typing in the names of any command in the top window, shown in Figure 4.5.85a, print all files that have the typed name, and if more of the same name in different places on the disk should be chosen properly. Separate window with the form for entering text and giving command, but without the described control is obtained by activating key combinations <Windows> + <R>, which was already briefly mentioned at the beginning of this page. If the command is not in the default path written in the variables environments called 'Path' to Figure 4.5.23a, you must type the full path to it according to the rules for the specification file.

By activating this system tools obtained in the image window 4.5.85b where card ||Startup|| contains a list of all the software that is activated by the inclusion of computer. Each of the presented concepts can be necessary to include or exclude. Activating the module 'update' virus definition is certainly not advisable to turn off, but it is useful to turn off or disable say check the presence of a new version of software on the Internet, if the new version does not intend to use. The decision on how to use the features described choice of the user of the computer.

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Settings shown in these descriptions include a larger portion of the display in Figure 4.5.18, and the remaining adjustment expedient to use the above image display. Regarding performance, the characteristics of the system can be set up similar to Figure 4.4.21, respectively as shown in Figure 4.5.67b, and then display the desktop and the closest way for the Windows 2000 operating system. Of course there is a display window and menu then rudimentary, but improves performance and even greater improvements in the performance of the system can be achieved by turning off services that are of importance in the image 4.5.46b.

A small note at the end, all settings are displayed in English as 'beta' version does not know Croatian language. Author of these lines that recalled the computers that are brought to Croatia from Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries. From BIOS onwards everything was translated, even instructions, otherwise there is no import license. Law giver reading this? That keeps the native language and effectively solves the 'trash' from import companies and device of any kind. Why does the author of these lines, then did not bother to use the translations for Croatian language with Microsoft sites can download and use? Perhaps because the Croatian translation is rarely used, except support for testing grammatical correctness written. In addition to all other software is generally not translated and therefore 'NORMAL' in the work of the computer used by the operating system and all the software in English?


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