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After installing various versions and builds of Windows 10 operating system on the computer from 'Example II', the operating system selected for the specified computer and the installed software is 'Windows 10 PRO build 1511_2-x86' as the final solution. There are several reasons for this choice:

 NTLite In order to achieve these objectives should first use the software 'NTLite'. This perfection of the software allows you to get out of the installation media removed everything that can be. It is amazing how many generic drivers, which basically do not serve for anything, Microsoft 'inserted' into the installation media. Not only that but they like 'fight' with the drivers that are better and user-installed, but that's not 'certified' by Microsoft. And that has everything, from the 'support' for various types of printers, modems, scanners, RAID drivers, a lot of drivers for network cards and the like, all mainly for devices which are gone? It even has support for AGP port? Why did they then dump the TWAIN protocol? All this is the legacy of the operating system 'Windows Vista RTM'. In addition, all types of software regarding fonts and keyboards for different language areas are there though the installation basically runs for one language area. There are also unnecessary services in this regard. This is a computer at home!

As 'NTLite' deserves a special description, which is followed by a small icon at the beginning of the previous paragraph, no more about it as a software. Just be noted that it is the author of these lines utilized a little unusual. Removing components was carried out after they are installed all facilities with the installation media to the computer and executed a complete 'update'. Since the installed OS has the status R.I.P. components can be removed directly with the OS installed on the disk without fear of a future cumulative update return multitude deleted and forcibly pushed Microsoft witchery. In addition, it can quickly check whether something is unnecessarily removed or not. Of course, everything should be carefully written down so that you can create the desired installation medium on that basis. I have to admit, I kept the 'STORE' program support to download maps and some stuff related to it.

 Romex There are still 12 GB of 'invisible' memory for the x86 system that needs to be utilized. For this purpose was used 'Primo Ramdisk Professional Edition (Beta) v6.0.0' software. The icon and beginning of the paragraph link is according to their site. This product has already been described for the 'Windows XP' version of operating system. When purchasing, installations and activations need to be activated by the 'key' obtained from the manufacturer so that this program support is activated as a 'BOOT' service and is immediately available to the operating system. The instructions on their seat are very useful and worth reading. When the operating system is active, the 'Romex' software can be accessed. First activated access to 'invisible' memory by action on the icon in the lower left corner that displays the next image.

 Primo RAMDISK  Babylon Traffic
Figure 4.6.79 Window of 'Primo Ramdisk' software.  

When access to 'invisible memory' is enabled, two RAMDISKs are built into it. Size, number of disks, properties, and corresponding letters are for the user at will. The author of these lines was made by two discs:

 Link Shell Extension If the system partition does not fill in the data and the results of the program support, it is necessary to relocate the job directories. What the operating system permits is shown in the Figure 4.6.28, what is allowed by the software is shown in the Figure 4.6.32, while for the rest is software 'Link Shell Extension (LSE)'. The icon at the beginning of the paragraph is the link to the corresponding site of LSE. x86 and x64 version of this software can be downloaded from here.

The system disc review tool provides the following content:

 Diskovi računala
Figure 4.6.82 Disks and Disk Partitions of a Computer.

Pay attention to the descriptions in the column 'Status'. That the RAMDISKs selected to be like 'Direct-IO' would not be seen in this review. Desktop of FE after the realization of the above looks like this:

 Disks and partitions of PC
Figure* 4.6.83 Partitions of a computer disks. ( + / - )

'Windows 10' operating system, which in its conception uses virtual memory to share content between the physical RAM and disk. When some program support needs some content and there is not enough work memory, the memory manager ensures that the contents that are not currently being used are switched to virtual memory. That's why they are called SWAP. Once, the operating memory cost as much as all the hardware in the computer together, which is not the case today. Content sharing was performed between fast memory and slow disk. If you can use a faster disk, like RAMDISK, has no reason not to use it. This exchange of content between both types of memory is particularly intense when processing video content. Then RAMDISK is fully expressed because of its speed. If the computer is connected to the UPS device fear of losing data during work at computer in case of failure in power supply from the city network - does not have.

Small unused space of partition [P:] cause it is red in the view. It has not been noted that this affects the work of the operating system. If anyone is bothered about that must to increase the size of this partition for 500 MB, and for the same amount to reduce the size of partition [R:].

The following Figure shows the desktop support icons that the author of these lines most frequently uses. This is why he is also nervous for frequent changes to the 'Windows 10' operating system because compatibility with older software is poor.

Figure 4.6.84 Desktop, software icons and overview of the devices temperature.

In the middle of the Figure is the 'AIDA64' software window showing the temperature of the device in normal operation. Apart from the casualty of the casing, the greatest contribution to low operating temperatures is due to the application of 14 nm technology in the manufacture of integrated circuitry devices that are highly energy-intensive; CPU and GPU. The following images show the memory of the unloaded computer and the computer on which many programs are running.

Figure* 4.6.85 Used Memory of unloaded and loaded computer. ( + / - )

In the toolbar in Figure 4.6.8b there are icons of a multitude of active software, one of which belongs to the TV and three started games, and the stability of the computer system is also started and the result is an increase in virtual memory load. It could have activated more program support. Then the toolbar display expanded for another row and increased virtual memory load. The basic conclusion of all of the above is that the description in reality works very well. Confirmation also includes performance measurements.

 Performanse računala
Figure 4.6.86 Computer performance measured using 'UserBenchmark' software.

Interestingly, RAMDISK has the effect of measuring as if physical disks are full. Graphic performance would be even better if software for overclocking was used.

Of course, everything is 'spiced' by Local & Group system policies in the following Figures.

 Local System Policy  
Figure** 4.6.87 Local & Group policies. ( + / - )  

Local system policies are concerned with the stopping to execute the upgrade program and update or upgrade report as well as the impossible executable program upgrade for the 'Logitech' WEB-camera because it does not exist. Not only did Microsoft screwed up them, but many others. Sometimes I read how software developers are upgrading their new and old versions of software. Brilliant! Group Policy delays Updating and Upgrading for a certain time. If you need, use one of the abovementioned descriptions.

 Girls  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper  iStripper


The computer in 'Example II' has 16 GB of built-in memory installed. The x86 operating system can recognize up to 4 GB. The rest of the operating system is 'invisible'. Thanks to 'Romex' software, all 12 GB of 'invisible' memory was used. But in the description of the Figure, there are still 1004 MB of 'invisible' memory available. But since this is part of the physical memory that has been written on the program routines used by BIOS motherboards and graphics cards, this part should not be occupied. It may be in the near or future to install an x64 operating system on this computer, which of course requires the cost of new convenient software and even more physical memory and a more powerful CPU and GPU. Despite the larger address space in the x64 system, there is no reason to not use RAMDISK in the manner described but then in the 'visible' part of the working memory.

When all is installed as described, existing Microsoft and user-installed drivers are instantly visible in the NTLite program structure. So the insight into 'deleted' and 'left' is much clearer. The overall result of the use of 'NTLite' software in the community with 'LSE' is supported by the system partition with only 8.7 GB. In addition, the computer no longer 'crashes' two or three times a day when he likes. Perfect!

Use of 'NTLite' software and installation of 'Windows 10' operating system on a virtual computer made by software 'VirtualBox' (newer version) is described with 120 images in the file which can be downloaded here.

To make someone misunderstood, girls in Figures are not pornography, but the result of working software 'iStriper' and 'iDancer'. To conclude, the aforementioned software with NTLITE, Romex and LSE have largely contributed to the author's better mood regarding the work of the 'Windows 10' operating system on his home computer. And Yes, my 'Windows 10' Is the Last Version of Windows. Ever. Everything becomes more and more some service and a less operating system.

There is another option to prevent the automatic UPGRADE of operating system version 1511 (OS Build 10586.1176) to a higher version. According to Figure 4.6.72b in the box 'Pause Upgrades and Updates' should put a check mark (), but the solution is not permanent, as described in 'Help' section in the same but smaller Figure 3.6.87b. If that is not enough for service 'Windows Update' set in its properties to 'Manual' or turn off the service completely with 'Disable'.

When I look at advertisements at various locations, software developers mostly use MAC, even if they work for the 'Windows' operating system. No wonder the entire PC branch of IBM sold to the Chinese (Lenovo), and left Microsoft to deal with the bizarre operating system and software for the PC. Unfortunately, MAC is too expensive for a casual and poore users. This is probably why Microsoft OS is very widespread and popular.

 Windows vs MAC  iStripper

To conclude, all the pages of 'Windows 10' operating system are written for users who have the will and enough knowledge to use the steps described and software tools to make average home computer (PC) faster and more efficient. For casual users do not recommend that with these deals, but also buy a pre-installed version of the computer and on all of the above do not care, but that it occasionally bring them to service on a little 'cleaning'. And of course, successfully play games on it and buy from the 'STORE' service.


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