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Term Description
Backbone The basis of a computing device or network or computer network you are connected to smaller networks. The basic task is to ensure high throughput. If the flow rate is taken as the main factor for the network device, switch, for example, can not speak and properties of its backbone. Backbone usually involves ensuring redundant paths between devices that constitute it.
Backup Scheduled data security, data copy protection on the basis of current data on the existing original. In the event that the original data is damaged or lost, the data can be restored from the last backup made. Basically, this process has nothing to do with archiving. A copy can also be done in a way that each time spanning the entire contents of the source (full backup), or by making copies of all further made only store changes (incremental backup). In principle implies backup device with tape (see DAT). According to their importance is determined by the time gap between the production of particular copy protection, in principle, be performed at night.
Bandwitdh The available communication channel bandwidth of the power that is usually expressed in 'bps' (bits per second). If more users use the same channel bandwidth per user falls. Therefore, it is the amount of data that passes through a channel at any time and is not associated with the rate of propagation of the signal. For example, all the cars are going the same speed, but at the same time to get to your destination more if it comes to more rail highway instead of one travel lane. Transfer technology in turn decides whether to issue a personal car or bus. Available throughput capacity is proportional to the width of the frequency ranges that are used to transmit signals.
BartPE Mr. Bart Lagerweij has let on Windows XP basically making 'BartPE' boot media (Bart's preinstalled Environment - bootable live windows CD / DVD) with Windows XP functionality in a way that the media can combine software as specified by user in the form of modules, for example, with software that can access a FAT or NTFS partitions regarding computer repair facilities or cleaning of malicious content that AV tools are not able to remove. It looks like a Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) program support, which Microsoft delivers corporate companies to make their own boot media, as 'NAV' that allows you to scan your computer for viruses and 'clean', or 'Symantec Ghost' that allows restore saved image partitions. 'BartPE' does not use anything from Windows PE, not violate the license rights and is completely free.
Measure with a study that shows the speed at which data travels through a modem, expressed in 'bps' (bits per second), the number of bits transmitted per unit of time. Most of today's modems extent 2400-56000 bps. Number of bits per second is the speed of signal transmission, which means that the Baud rate measures for signal transfer.
B.B.S. Bulletin Board System - The system of computer bulletin boards. Computer users with a phone call via modem fastener for remote central computer that functioned as a hangout for 'chatter', playing and leaving messages. The Internet is basically the successor of B.B.S.
Beta An unfinished version of the program, which is conceptually completed and where they fix syntax and logical errors found during testing 'alpha' versions. This version is not a test for future users with a clear indication that the fault in the program as possible and pray feedback regarding observed. Sometimes this version is only tested narrower selected user group or special testing team. This is followed by 'RC' version of software.
Binary Binary files directly presenting bits stored in the RAM memory of the computer without taking into account any code table or a standardized form. These are usually files that are the result of making some kind of software and can be made (.com or .exe file type). The FTP communication between the user and the server, all files that the server can not detect transmitted as binary. So also .ZIP files transferred as a binary file.
BIOS Basic Input / Output System - The basic communication system, a program with a small software routines for managing electronic computer circuits, and their interconnection capacity the operating system. Among represents the link between hardware and the operating system. Ware system BIOS is in ROM memory whose contents can be refreshed as needed. To program support BIOS worked its electronics and memory, must have ensured uninterrupted power supply which is realized in the form of small battery. If bad resolved signalization of low battery, the first manifestations of the inappropriate power-up, followed by 'losing' the current date and the confusion and work contexts.

BIOS update procedure the new characteristics or debugging. While it is a ROM or PROM upgrades were not possible. EPROM memory allows upgrade with something more complex process, and FlashROM memory upgrade is enabled by program support in the OS, or by using the contents of the BOOT floppy in DOS mode. UEFI turn to upgrade directly using the built-in software routines. Of course, by upgrading follows reboot (restart) of the system.
Bit Acronym for BInary digiT, the smallest unit of binary records, symbolically speaking, content can be '0' or '1', and the electrical state of a lower or higher voltage level of the input or output logic circuit in the transmission of data, signals, or something else. The combination of 8 bits, called bytes, is usually observed in the group of patients and the monitor shows you as an ASCII character to represent any records to document presents the hex or binary content. Looking at the time it is the basic unit for measuring data transmission speed (bps - bits per second).
Bit Depth Quantity that evaluates the quality of the sampling signal, and the multimedia technique commonly used 'Color Depth' and 'Audio bit depth'. In computer graphics, color depth is the number of bits used to describe the number of available shades one pixel in raster image or video memory. So typically use 8 bit color depth, 256 available color, High color (16 bits), true color (24 bit) and Deep Color (30/36/48 bits). True color covers 'sRGB' area of the color range. Audio quality that is most commonly used is the CD standard (16 bits) with a dynamic range of 96 dB, and the dynamic range of 120 dB, the use 20 bits, while for professional purposes uses a range of 24 bits (144 dB). The term is closely linked with the term 'Bit rate', namely the equation: Bit rate = (sampling rate) x (bit depth) x (number of channels).
Bit Rate In telecommunications and computer technology is used as a measure for the speed of signal transmission or its treatment usually expressed as 'bps' (bits per second), or the number of bits that are transferred per unit time, to be another name for the 'Baud Rate'. Of course allowed the use of SI prefixes, e.g. 'kbps'. The multimedia technique depends on a lot of factors, of which the most important are the number of bits of used for sampling and sampling frequency. How is the encoding of multimedia content and use some method of compression, it is possible, depending on the program set a range of support that will be used, the maximum or minimum value, and the like. Thus, the use of audio content ranging from 32 kbps - 320 kbps, and videos 16 kbps - 40 Mbps. Usually as the lowest value in terms of quality for the 'mp3' audio coding uses 192 kbps, and for 'MPEG4-AVC' video encoding uses 24 Mbps.
Block A number of bits of a fixed length. It does not apply to a range of 8 bits, which is often called an octet (octet), but in general a group of bits.
Blog A kind of diary. Short for weblog. Publication on the internet (web) containing primarily of periodic articles in reverse temporal gray - latest articles can be found at the top of the page. So personal character diaries describing everyday activities author. Diaries of certain events, popular shows mass media e-zine magazines in blog form. Theme's blog as film criticism, review computer software, poetic, political and everything else blog's creator can imagine.
BMP Simple format for storing images (Bit Map), which was created by Microsoft. The format is characterized by the fact that for each pixel separately stored data compression and no loss of content or information on the content of the image. Supports the monochrome display to a display with 24 bit color depth. The image is defined as a place pixel matrix of rows and columns (two dimensions) rather than vector coordinates, which has as a result to a large file type .bmp containing this graphical notation. As this format is used for direct display on the screen and uses two dimensions, called the raster.
Body In the context of electronic mail, it is a part of the letter containing the most textual content, some between the header and signature. In the context of creating a website that is part of the page that will be viewed in a web browser. In the context of this document, which is part of the prepared sample is entered between the header and the bottom of the page.
Bonjour Apple's group of technologies that includes service discovery, address assignment, and hostname resolution. Bonjour locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network using multicast Domain Name System (mDNS) service records.
Bookmark Internet Explorer, and Firefox web browsers have a similar program in support of the mechanism that the URL address of the page that is currently displayed can be stored in a menu where you can join her name at will. In statistics, a visitor who accessed the server through this record are seen as a direct admission without a search service (direct traffic).
Botnet Unauthorized take control of users computers by attackers using various security vulnerabilities within Internet Explorer, Firefox, and PDF browser or some other program support, in order to install 'attacker's program support' without the user's knowledge, had the task to report on the attacker resources on your computer, or send it using computing resources for the purpose of sending spam or DoS (Denial of Service) attack on an institution for the purpose of burying some of its services to the huge traffic system might not respond to the demands of the required service-service, or for some other malicious activity. Such a group of infected zombie computers forming botnets, which users are 'broken' computer usually have no idea due to their ignorance. 'Planted' malicious software that carries out the task he set his 'owner'. Most often the 'hidden' as normal and familiar regular service on the infected computer and apparently remains inactive (dead) until ga 'owner' is not in the right moment 'alive' (Zombie) for the performance of certain tasks. The enormous power potential that can be used for various purposes, usually malignant, and that 'owners' botnet rented or sold to interested parties.
bps / Bps A measure of the speed of data transfer is expressed in bits per second or bytes per second. It can also be used with prefix of the SI system of units (kbps, Mbps ...).
Bracket In computer engineering term usually refers to the metal bracket that connects the card slots, as to its assembly into the computer. Because of this, a high quality casing that will allow the card is inserted correctly 'snaps' into the slot motherboard, not the inserted half or a 'failure' from him, especially at the far end in relation to the front. Therefore, some of the grooves, especially the graphics card, have the far end of the clip to further strengthen inserted. Depending on the purpose of the card number of profiled holes is different, and where there is no card inserted metal bracket is a full profile.
Browser Web browser that allows users to view content placed on servers across the Internet using a GUI (Graphical User Interface) GUI. Modern browsers like Firefox with additional programming racing products (plugins) allow the user plenty of options to make it easier to work in an area of his interest. Special group of servers as search engines through which we come to the content to which they are registered (Google ...).
Buffer Caches, memory type that works on the principle of FIFO (First In-First Out). These data were first entered into the memory, first in and out of her. The receive mode the data is serial, to be released into a tube bead. Pellets which first entered first will come out. Besides the above electrically separates the traffic inbound and outbound sides because it is basically unidirectional. In practice, it can also function as a great handy 'warehouse' for example a printer. Data is sent to the cache printers print without straining what order it should be printed, first take goes to the paper.
Bug Incoherent error in the source code of a program. Although it is basically a syntax or logical error in the program code by the programmer, used to imply an entirely different thing. Old huge computers of 40' was made in the technology of vacuum tubes were warm and comfortable shelter for different types of bugs that have walked inside the computer and knew cause a short circuit current which would cause a nonsensical computer malfunction. Removing bed bugs from your computer is one of the cleaner called 'debugging' and the name remained as a mechanism for correcting errors in software code.
Bulk Solution packages and delivery of computer equipment or computer programs similar to 'Bundle' decision on the delivery of computer hardware and software, and those that do not come with the package no documentation. Drivers or some instructions for using the user has to be found on the Internet. Very often these goods in containers not over any control accuracy. Cheapest but for the user-buyer and the worst solution. An example of this are the sales of optical media in packs of dozens of pieces that do not offer a guarantee on the correctness of individuals in a carton.
Bundle In essence it is the collective pack of the same product in a common box regarding volume reduction and thus transportation costs. This is a term that is increasingly used in the procurement of large quantities of the same product by the retailer of computer equipment or components, or by engineer. Instructions, if any, are very scarce and usually the one that belongs to the whole package, and the same goes for drivers or other software. If such goods are available in retail is usually quite cheaper than the 'Retail' versions. Sometimes this term is used for bulk bid for multiple programming content in the 'Retail' offer.
Bus Set of wires for the transmission of electrical signals in the computer and transmitted simultaneously listed three types of signals for data (Data), addressing (Address) and supervisory control functions (Control). Transfers may be parallel or serial. In the early computing era dominated parallel data transfer and the devices connected to the motherboard in the form of bundled cable straps (flat). Fast serial communications using multiple corridors (over serial transmission simultaneously) significantly improves the power bus traffic. This set of wires on the motherboard connects embedded devices and slots for additional devices. Wires are basically obtained by etching the conductive surface in the process of making the motherboard.
Byte Acronym of 'BinarY TErm' and refers to a character in a file that refers to a group of bits to one of the code table. Generally present in informatics this term includes a group of eight bits. Sometimes the different operating systems this term implied a group of six or seven bits but always assessed against content that includes one character.

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