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Term Description
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer - A term used to mean that the company produced the original components of the computer and then the computer compose them. However, most of the components of computers today is a commodity that is bought 'wholesale' from different manufacturers, so it is basically a set of OEM computer components computer maker ordered from another according to their requirements. It is certain that the quality of the manufacturer to order a tried and tested components and is therefore more expensive product. This does not apply only to computer hardware, but the software to. Thus, the operating system can get much cheaper if you buy with your computer and is usually 'tied' it right with this product, such as a serial number to install OS is generated based on the serial number of computer motherboards, OS installation media can not and should not used on another computer.
Offline When the computer is performing until he connected with another computer or network, for instance, when a user is reading a web page, which has been declared available at all times and kept in the cache repository browser to be able to browse without connecting to the Internet. In general, refers to a system which is not in use, in relation to its associated environment.
OLED Organic LED, Organic Light Emitting Diode technology - technology that is used to create images of LED's arranged on the principle of matrix pixel placed on the substrate, which can be transparent. Current technology does not allow for the amount of light that can be obtained using LCD technology based on liquid crystals. But the screens of mobile phones, portable music mp3 player and similar smaller devices are already using this technology. OLED does not require a backlight to create the display.
One point
of failure
Any system can have one key point - the device or any other part, that when failure results in uselessness of the whole system. This part is, for example, a router or switch from an institution to the ISP. In case of failure of their institutions can not communicate with members of the Internet, which for one bank can be disastrous. Whenever possible, should provide redundant solutions.
Online Characterized by the connection to the PC network computers, regardless of what the computer does. Generally, it refers to a system that is continuously in operation in relation to its associated environment.
Open source
Free software is a matter of freedom of using the source code, not price. Free software indicates the users freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software's discretion. But not all is literally free. If the user wants to use in this way created program support maybe he will not for modification work automatically 'update' or if a member of the team that develops will have to keep some kind of mutual agreement.
OSI Model of a computer network, which is basically an abstract description of all the possible functions of computer network communication, presented in the form of seven layers. It is designed to various equipment manufacturers are able to produce devices that will be able to communicate with each other. In the world of computer networks is advisable to stick to these principles, but in the world of console gaming is not exactly. Yet some producers added their own features to the existing model as your equipment to make the work more efficient, but still retain the basic functionality of the others who do not have their peculiarities or the license rights shall not apply. Apple and PC compatible computer can communicate with each other even though they totally differently designed.

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