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Term Description
Virus Ubiquitous evil of computer technology. It is a program that can be independently reproduced and thereby may, but need not do harmful acts. They can be moved from computer to computer over the Internet or other networks, infected floppy disk or a CD, USB stick's. Adverse action may be deleting the data on a computer or carrying out an attack on another target computer. Carelessness and ignorance of users greatly contributes to the spread of these computer infestations.
Software solution that enables the operating system into the existing computer installed extra 'virtual' computer, on which you can install the operating system at will. In doing so, all the files used by a particular virtual machine stored in one big file that belong to him supervised program support for virtual machines. This file can be changed dynamically as the virtual machine resources expand or define its static size. The advantage of this solution is that one physical computer to be no trouble to install and use a number of different operating systems simultaneously, without the need of making separate separate disk partition. All virtual machines used the same hardware resources of the computer and the intention is that the characteristics of CPU and GPU support exactly these requirements. All software solutions do not offer the ability to install various operating systems, and statistics on access to these sites, about 98% of users are using Windows OS, and is suitable for them free Virtual PC software, which can be downloaded from Microsoft's sites. More..
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network - Virtual local area network, or the ability of network devices to the same physical media are two virtual networks with separate addresses communication and advertising within the network. If we want to implement such a system in the physical network, active network devices (switches) must support this kind of traffic distribution. Then it is possible to each port on the switch to declare that the virtual network belongs. PC network card does not have to have this characteristic. Mostly the version in which each MAC address is assigned to a VLAN, but it is more complex to maintain. So, the logical grouping of the same physical medium.
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration - The term refers to a high-density integrated circuits by the number of elements per unit area. Today the CPU and GPU have on millions of transistor elements which size decreases continuously evolving technology. The first VLSI (very large scale integration) integrated circuits have emerged in the 80-ies of the twentieth century and VLSI is the fourth generation in the development of integrated circuits. With the above were once used and expressions as LSI (low), MSI (medium), and others. The above abbreviations are not used.
VPN Virtual Private Network - Virtual private networks, allowing network connections to users over the public Internet infrastructure to a private network through the steady - all encrypted IP traffic from one network to another, which are members of a VPN structure. VPN uses a 'tunnel' in the established communication that takes place through the exchange of encrypted information at IP level using the IPSec standard.
Von Neumann

Computer architecture which is named after the mathematician John von Neumann, who was a consultant during the construction of the first generation of computer ENIAC. Von Neumann organization has documented the ENIAC, and for this reason all computers that have a similar organization or computer architecture called the 'von Neumann' architecture. Today's personal computer to a large extent follows this architecture that defines the basic parts of the computer; processor (arithmetic-logic unit, control unit), working memory, permanent memory, input units and output units.

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