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Term Description
Definition: 1 kB = 1000 B. It is often said or written that it is 1 kB = 1024 B, or 1 KB = 1024 B. And there is something like that 1KB = 1024B. The SI system of units of measurement is precisely defined as a value is written. The digits are first written, followed by the space and then the unit of measure. Some metrics have a single character tag and some of the more characters. In this case, the most ' k ' and ' K ' are mixed. According to the lexicon of units of measurement it is valid:
  • k - 'kilo', a unit replacing the number 1000.
  • K - 'Kelvin', a unit for the marking temperature.
Although for temperature is used °C ili °F (Celsius degree and Fahrenheit degree), both are incorrect because they denote something completely different. These units are exceptionally permissible, although these examples have more (foot, inch ...). It is likely that the misconception of some metering units will remain in the application for a long time. A computational technique is descriptive of the Chapter 2.1.4.
Keyboard Input units for general purpose computers. Serve with data entry into a computer. In the early days of typewriters layout keyboard character is deliberately designed in such a way that the most commonly used signs outside the middle of the keyboard so that the user in the work slowed down and would not jam typewriter. Intentional destruction speeds with 'qwertz' and 'qwerty' layout of the keys to the computer era of no importance. But this is not sufficient knowledge to accept 'Dvorak' schedules characters, and the theme of the Belgians mocking all those who do not use it.

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