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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - A list of frequently asked questions and answers and covers a topic that concerns the content of any site that is the general theme, or is directly related to a product. For example how a sensor connected to the computer and all the problems that may be encountered. The list can be expanded forum so that they can see and experience a multitude of users.
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FCS Frame Check Sequence - A term that is used to communicate between networked computing devices, it is a calculated by a mathematical formula that provides a numerical value basis on which to price when receiving the existence of any errors in data transmission. So, a group of binary data is added to the numerical notation which is obtained on the basis of calculations with numbers that represent data in the group to be handed over. When receiving a re-calculation is performed based on the received data and compares it with the FCS record. If the numerical amount of the same shall be deemed that the information received is correct, otherwise it will be asked to repeat sending them. This control is proper communication and repetition in case of error.
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface - Data transmission over fiber optic cables. For duplex communication requires two fibers. Optical cable usually is that it has more fiber, while the cables with one fiber is used only to connect the device to the patch panel. For transmission using single-mode (SM) and multimode (MM) optical fibers, depending on the distance between devices that want to link and no source of light transmission and not of the same nature; SM uses a laser light beam that is injected into cable, a MM Fiber uses LED, which is fed into an optical multiple light beams. SM is realized with much greater communication distance of MM technology.
Filename Filename is not without significance. Thus, for example, DOS does not allow the name longer than 8 characters and should be used only letters and numbers. Newer Windows operating systems allow the use of local and letters and longer names, but in a way that the basic name of eight characters joins a long name (DOCUME-1 = Documents and Settings). Enormous confusion can occur if the file name in the first eight characters are uppercase locality as 'Č' and 'Ž'. Files can be saved but it later can not do anything. The recommendation is to use the letters and numbers first 128 ASCII characters, and instead of spaces to use znak '_'.
Files of type. Usually these are the three or four letters that follow the names of files and separate the names of the 'POINT'. Is in use on hundreds of file types, and new ones are being designed every day that a firm develops software. For example .txt (text file) .doc (Word document) .bmp (Bitmap image format) and others. File manager (like Windows Explorer) use the extension to know which applications support call to display the contents of user files by a click on its name. Like to use this technique nasty person in a way that malicious programs change type, and the receipt of the operating system finds a 'mistake' and fix it by running appropriate software and the problems they present. This technique of infecting computers also present in the file download process.
Firewall Provides corporate or organizational internal network from unauthorized external access (usually the Internet 'hackers' malicious Internet users). All operating systems have implemented a firewall, or if you have it is often only the basic functions. The most important thing for all of them is that for each installed program support queries users want to miss it for the incoming and outgoing traffic, or both. If they are, it may set the port's in so much better. Further upgrading the firewall would be to ban all incoming traffic from unexpected IP addresses.

Flexible plastic circular plate (disk) coated with magnetic material (one or both layers) Design size 5.25" and 3.5", and it was bigger. The heads are rolling on the surface and they wrote the guidance of magnetic domains or read off the data. Because of the direct contact with the 'disks' rotation speed is small, and because of imprecise control heads, media capacity is small. in use are still 3.5" diskette with logging on both sides of the capacity 1.44 MB or 2.88 MB. To synchronize the start of the record of the floppy 5.25" has a hole through which the light beam passes, and diskettes of 3.5" has a specific seat that does not allow for slippage and hence relative to the sensor on the rotor of electromotor still in the same position.
Forum With this informatics dictionary, an inexhaustible source of information, especially if it is a problem with the installation of some problematic hardware and its drivers. Forums companies (Microsoft, Intel ...) are highly desirable for such searches, but caution should we believe what they found on the Internet :-).
Frame Frame, the grouping of signaling and data bits in the first layer of the OSI model as a sequence of bits sent by the first network access device, which will be based on the data in it to know what to do with the frame and to whom and in what manner it forward. In HTML, the 'frame' is a way to display documents divided into separate sections, each of which follows its accompanying documents.
Freeware Software that is allowed with permission of the author, free to share, but often with certain conditions (for example, the software may not modify, etc.). It is best before the program do anything to read license rights, were from the web or from the contents of downloaded files - EULA (End User License Agreement). These documents should be read very carefully indeed, because it can happen that the client software refuses to work after 30 days after installation, which does not violate the rule that the first month was free.
FTP File Transfer Protocol - One of the main ways in which the files are transferred over the Internet. FTP seat is location (folder - directory) on the server that provides a firm or organization, as a repository for all types of files that users can download as needed. Above mechanisms with the prior installation of a small program is carried out sporadically and upgrading operating systems. Download 'manual' selection is done in for this purpose developed computer support. Access to the seat may or may not seek authorization from the user.
Bidirectional transfer of data to be used for each direction of a separate communications channel that works by SIMPLEX principles. This method of communication is used in computer communication over UTP cabling with fiber optic cables, which means that for UTP communication need at least two wire pairs for optical communication at least two optical fibers.

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