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Term Description
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmiter - electronic device (circuit) that shapes and controls the data, and is the interconnection between the computer and the environment with the purpose asynchronous serial data transfer. The circuit converts parallel data streams into a sequence of serial communication between two computers. From the computer world, it is known as RS-232/422/485 line communication, for example, between a computer and a modem. The computer has a UART device and your modem. If the same kind of devices are connected to each other (computer to computer or modem to modem) should instead use the default communications cable null modem (crossed) cable which is scheduled this pin on one side changed to ensure that the transmitter signal to the receiving part of the the destination.
UDP User Datagram Protocol - One of the main protocol used on the Internet. (see TCP / IP). There is no mechanism for correcting errors during data transfer.
UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface - is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and hardware. UEFI is meant to replace the Basic Input / Output System (BIOS) firmware interface, present in all IBM PC-compatible personal computers. The original EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) specification was developed by Intel, and has been accepted by most manufacturers of computer equipment as UEFI recommendations.
UNICODE Standard for 16-bit representation of characters. How is it possible to introduce 65'536 different characters that is used so that it defines practically all existing letters. Generally it is the mark of UTF (Unicode Transformation Format). The Windows platform is labeled 1250 Latin Extended. Both codes have the first 128 characters of the ASCII code.
Update Renew, amend, enhance, update by adding new data or modifying or deleting old data, adding or deleting records, ensuring that the file provides the latest situation. The term is most used when it comes to free upgrades software or operating system support the same version in order to eliminate the detected faults. Manufacturer sometimes this procedure requires registration or a check in the records the user's computer to prevent the spread of pirated versions.
Upgrade Replacement of an existing operating system or the new version of software that has additional features over the previous version. The term does not apply to the purchase of new versions of software not purchased, registered the previous versions. In this manner a registered user will get a discount when purchasing a new computer programs. Of course, pirated versions can not be registered and certainly can not be done 'upgrade'.
Upload Transferring files from a PC to a specific remote computer - the server (as opposed to download - downloaded from the server). The procedure does not apply to communications data exchange in general. For this purpose it is designed specifically software (FTP manager), for example, to set crafted Web content from the user's computer to the server where the user uses for their publication on the Internet.
UPnP Universal Plug and Play - UPnP protocol is an extension of PNP idea that expands the range of working to networking equipment. UPnP devices can be connected via wired (ethernet, USB, firewire) or wireless (Wi‑Fi, bluetooth) connections. As long as a product supports UPnP, it can communicate with other UPnP devices within a network. The connections are typically created using the DHCP networking protocol, which assigns each connected device a unique IP address. This enables streaming data of media files to be sent between devices. Outside the SOHO environment uses the DNS service. UPnP lies below layer 6 of OSI model.
URL Uniform Resource Locator -Web address certain resource on the Internet. Resource that shows the URL address can be an HTML document (Web page), image, or any file that is located on a specific Web server. The URL is one of the main innovations in the history of the Internet. The syntax of this address is devised to make it generic, extensible, and able to show the address in any character set (using a limited set of ASCII characters). DNS mechanism is the link between the URL you an IP address.
USB Universal Serial Bus - Standard for connecting peripheral devices such as digital cameras, telecommunications equipment or printer to a computer, which is based on a very fast serial data transfer. To transfer are four wires; mass, outgoing traffic, incoming traffic and power supply. Thus, full-duplex communications (mass flow is common for both communication) and it is possible to power such devices consuming less memory 'stick' or external 2.5" HDD. Standard is more wide spread further revisions offers everything faster communication. Almost completely supplanted RS 232C and Centronics communication standards.
Usenet One of the biggest network of computer systems intended for the exchange of information and data from the Internet. The system consists of e-mails and articles organized by thematic groups.
User ID

Name of the node is used when logging on to a system. Compatibility of the communication between a variety of systems it is recommended that the User ID (part of electronic identity) and User Name (part of the account) does not use local graphemes, and that the characters be from 5 to 12, because everything after that is usually not checks. Not recommended to contain spaces or special characters. Thus, the letters and numbers first 128 ASCII characters without spaces. Shorter username or mark as ANA, it is acceptable if it is a good password and protect it if the system allows it.
Username is a unique identifier for the user in the institution, which is protected by a password, and it serves the user to log on to the server institutions in order to use the available resources. The user typically must have only one username which belongs to his name (policy acceptable use of resources). These data are kept in tables of software server is accessed. Username and password together constitute the ACCOUNT forever, or otherwise called ACCESS (Log In).

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