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Term Description
X.25 Protocol from the ITU-T set of standards for packet switched network WAN communications. Today it is largely replaced by less complex protocols, specifically Internet Protocol (IP), although some Internet service providers using X.25 communication for signaling in the 'D' channel ISDN lines.
X.509 A digital certificate, which basically states certification structure, and the most important fields ID, name of the certificate validity date (expiration date), the public key and the CA (Certification Authority) signature. Besides individual certification standard supported by CRL (certificate revocation list) lists recalled certificates. The CA certificates concerned competent institutions.
X Window GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Unix / Linux and BSD-based operating systems. Developed since 80 'and it basically has a client and server component, which is understandable because by then graphic terminals lacked the ability to work independently. Today they are both parts of the user's computer. The client can be run on the user's computer, as with Linux, or on another computer on the network. Client-server relationship is defined at the application level. Part of the application that takes care of the data processing is called the X client and is separated from the works application that takes care of the display, which is called the X server. X client component is placed on the remote computer (which is not necessary, and can be locally), and the server portion is placed on the local computer. Separates the execution of the program from a GUI.
Y-adapter Indication of splitter that allows the extension of power supply computer resources or for some other purpose splitter. Usually refers to male-to-female adapter PPC (molex) regarding obtaining additional connector from the power supply. May have intended to link two PS / 2 connectors (keyboard and mouse) to a single USB port. Similar adapters are available to increase the number of musical connections. Analogously, using the RJ45 adapter that allows you to connect two computers to one UTP connector, consisting essentially of a passive HUB (HUB without own electronics). Serves a similar purpose and separator for RJ11 telephone jack when connecting ADSL devices.
Yahoo Search program that is used on the Internet, based on the catalog of indexed content. Once the most popular search engine, until the appearance of the 'Google', which works on similar principles but offers the user many more search results and free amenities (see 'Google').

Korean company that develops and provides aftermarket desktop computer products with primary focus on cooling enhancement. Zalman has done considerable product development since its 1999 founding, and now holds several patents focusing on both cooling and fan noise-reduction.

A term that refers to the compressed file under the above name, which can compress and uncompress the popular algorithm using the program well-known since the time of DOS OS, to free or cheap graphical programming tools for Windows OS.

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