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Term Description
E-mail Electronic mail, a kind of communication in which an electronic message sent to the remote location and the other is user input through a single e-mail address. Receiving and sending messages cares responsive service on a server Internet service provider. Service provider for security reasons (spam) may restrict the message can not be sent simultaneously to more than two users. Mechanism for sending messages to send attachments (attachment), and this peculiarity is a haven for breeding 'worms' and 'viruses'. Therefore, all e-mail messages typically checked for viruses with the provider of the service.
ECC Error Correcting Code - Logical design of memory ICs, which allows the detection of errors and their correction when reading or writing data in the working memory of the computer. For this purpose, additional memory is used logic chip that is adding an extra bit of information in such a way that the total number of bits with a value of '1' is even. Thus, the amendment was carried out at the level of one's will and thus provided a rather simple verification of the counting of the recorded data bits and the parity checking. In the early days of computer technology this is due to the instability of memory was of great significance, and this mechanism is kept in use in server systems. Home and office computers used by the controller and memory modules that have not this peculiarity (non-ECC type memory modules). 'Chipset' of servers and office/home computers because of this is not the same.
ECDL In Dublin, Ireland 1997th was established institution called the European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Ltd.. (ECDL-F). The project is funded by the Irish Government and the ECDL-F is supposed idea of raising the level of computer literacy implemented at the European level. Thus was created the ECDL as a standard. Very quickly ECDL is accepted in many countries of Europe, but also in countries outside Europe and has expanded as standard, and means for acquiring computer (IT-informatics) literacy.
Today is the meaning of the term, including the term ECDL (European Comuter Driving Licence), the European Computer diploma, then a formal certificate of training in the use of personal computers. Knowledge and skills ECDL test is considered to be among the basic standard of IT (informatics) literacy. ECDL is recognized in 137 countries around the world, among others, and Croatia, has been translated into 32 languages, and has passed the test of more than 4.6 million people. The system was expanded in the world outside of Europe called the ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence). More..

To being able to access resources in a specific WAN network at his institution must exist database - directory into which are enrolled its data, including the user name and password to the user name of protecting, and which form the basis of the user's electronic identity. Based on the data entered in the database server to become eligible to join the network and uses the resources of the institution, or other resources in the WAN, in a way that is defined in the database for each resource, for example, can read data but can not update them or even can not access the data, and the like.
Emotions Signs by which to express the emotions, called Smiley. Used in electronic mail, forums and anywhere where there is a written communication between people. They originated in the time of the BBC and communications systems using a combination of ASCII characters, for example, marked the smile :-), sad :-(, winking ;-) and the like. Increasingly in use and plotted 'heads' in the form of a circle with different expressions 'faces'. For the same purpose, and abbreviations like LOL (Laughing Out Loud) and similar.
Emulation Refers to achieve the same or better performance in the operating results compared to the original. Applies to the simulation - an imitation of the equipment or the appearance of artificial means, such as program support and modeling. In imitation of behavior informatics describes a computer or other electronic systems, with the help of software or other types of electronic devices. Generally, imitation is successful if it is accomplished by a dedicated electronic device with regard to software. For example, by using computer programs can be 'faked' computer 'Commodore Amiga' in a way that the client software knows to read software creations for 'Amiga' and interpret them correctly on the user PC. If the electronic logic circuits composed of a device feign work certain computer programs, simulations or perform certain tasks much faster; recording audio or video content to disk in MPEG format is slower if done through program support in relation to electronic solutions.
Encryption Encrypt or encode the message in terms of replacing the characters in the text in accordance with a secret key. The key is simplified starting place in the sequence that gives the random number generator and is used by the provider and the recipient. In this way, an unauthorized person can not get to the actual content of the message unless you steal the key and making the same generator. What time is the sequence of making more likely the generator by unauthorized persons is lower. military institutions use generators which are generated during repeat sequences measured in years.
Ethernet A computer network that uses the mechanism of signal detection with connecting cable (CSMA / CD - Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detect) device between active equipment to know when not to send the next data volumes, or when there is no signal on the cable and it is free to over it can send a new one. The true meaning of the name refers to a substance (which actually does not exist) for which he was thought to be present in the area and helps the spread of electromagnetic waves.
Extranet Extended Intranet network (Extended Intranet) so that the two geographically separate segments of a company interrelate using the public Internet, and their mutual traffic is typically encrypted (encoded). According to the Internet can be seen as a single entity.

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