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Term Description
Magnetic drive its work on the physical basis of the magnetic field. When entering data on them using the properties of magnetic substances under the influence of a magnetic field become magnetized. There are multiple types of devices that are used to store data this mechanism, but the only hard drive is still widely used (see FDD, HDD). Negative properties are sensitive to dirt, electromagnetic fields and physical stress.
Similar to 'alias' but have different powers. List of addresses of persons who are sent by e-mail, and a system for the automatic distribution of e-mails. Powers enable to achieve good control to control due or outgoing mail. Service can be configured so that the received electronic mail can be distributed to the list only if it was sent by someone from the list of members, and may also block the distribution until the moderator of the list does not review the content, or they automatically reject any message that is not due to him from a member lists and the like. Very good mechanism for marking off the junk mail list members such as the distribution of spam.
Computer and software, which allows the sorting and getting e-mails. Since this is a computer that serves the customer, it is the server. About the effectiveness of the present times this service has to be associated with the system for viruses and spam harvested, or simply ignore the messages with malicious content. In smaller firms servers except for these purposes is used as a Web server and for all other services that users require.
Malware General term for all types of malicious code, viruses, worms, trojans ...
MBR Master Boot Record - a special type of BOOT sector at mass data storage devices like hard disks or removable drives and devices used with PC-compatible systems and beyond.
MD5 Message Digest 5 - One-way hash function of the message creates a 128 bit summary. MD5 and SHA algorithm, the variation of MD4 algorithm and are designed to strengthen security in relation to the MD4 algorithm. Using MD5 verifies the integrity and authority in communication.
Software or device that is used for media playback, movies, pictures, presentations and music content and the like. Due to the large number of different formats, which are used for these facilities to be fitted with the proper decoders (codecs) within the program application, operating system, or electronic logic circuits. The quality of the decoder determines the quality of reproduction.
Memory Memory storage for computers are being used for the current storage capacity and storage program. This term usually refers to a working computer memory (RAM), which is usually located near the processor (CPU). For long-term storage of data using the mass storage of data as FDD, HDD and optical media.
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions - Format created to include images, sounds, animations and other types of documents within an email message.
Auxiliary FTP site that contains exactly the same files as the original site. Content is automatically adjusted from time to time with the original content, and if it is to download the client software is used to automatically collect parts for multiple sites and compiling files from them until complete downloads (FTP manager) speed data downloads can be significantly accelerated if the individual sites slow to deliver requested.
MHL Mobile High-Definition Link - Standard for a mobile audio/video interface that allows consumers to connect mobile phones, tablets and other portable electronics devices to high-definition televisions (HDTVs) and audio receivers. Current standard supports Ultra High-Definition (4K - UHD) and high-definition (HD) video, and 7.1 surround sound audio including TrueHD and DTS-HD.
Modem MOdulator-DEModulator - Transmission of digital data over analog telephone lines in a way that is '0' and '1' replacement with an analog sine-wave signal frequencies (frequency modulation) within the speech spectrum, which transmit PTT Devices (300-3400 Hz). Transmission is half-duplex type because the same communication channel (one telephone pair) used alternately in both directions. Speed signal transmission is generally the same in all the standard rate, but the difference is that the standard use advanced compression of data sent from the computer before proceeding modulation and demodulation in the admission made by extracting compressed content before being supplied in digital format to the destination computer. Such a transfer is very slow and these technologies are being used less because they no longer meet the needs of the average user.
Empirically predictions that in 1965. year, pronounced by Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel's 1968th year, by which every 18 months to double the number of transistors and integrated circuits in the process, and will be for 10 years, making a single wafer. Over the years, it turned out that his prediction was correct.
Motherboard Multilayer printed board computer that contains the basic elements needed to provide the basic functionality of a computer. In addition to a BIOS that serves the individual components combine functional computers, it's the chipset that provides functionality of all the working components intended to be connected to the computer or to incorporate it. The concept allows the motherboard to the computing power of computers 'designs' to the user's preference of choice of microprocessors, available RAM, hard drive capacity and more.
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group - Video compression format used for videos. Extensions for files of this type are .mpg or .mpeg. DVD movie records using this format data writing.
MySQL Software relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs on a server providing multi-user access to the database. MySQL is officially 'My SQL', but often 'Micey Quell' or 'My Sequel'. His name came up original developer Michael Widenius the name of his daughter My. SQL means 'Structured Query Language', a programming language that uses queries request data from the database. In a community with PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the indispensable basis for the development of Web applications as open source tools for Linux platform, for example.

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