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RACK Standard cabinet width of 19" (480 mm) or less 23" (580 mm) into which is embedded networking equipment, UPS modules, 'patch' panels, extra wardrobe fittings for cables and the like. Height of individual devices or supporting parts closet and the closet is measured by the height of one standard unit 1U=1.75" (rack unit). Majority 43U cabinet is the same height, although they are available and less performance for height. Cabinet depth is not standardized and commonly range from 80-100 cm. Throughout cabinet to ensure quality ventilation.
RAM Random Access Memory - Working memory of computer. Used to enter and read the current data and applications and can be easily and quickly modify content. Content is lost (forgotten) at a power PC of. Working in DRAM computer memory or SRAM version. A direct memory access by the microprocessor and memory calls such as random access memory, and how content is stored in the first available free space is used and the name of random access memory.
RAT Remote Access Trojans (Remote Administration Tools) - Malicious type of software that is characterized by property that allows an attacker to take control of your computer and that is basically a user would not even notice. Basically it is an attacker on the user installs the 'mali' service that does exactly what an attacker wants and who listens with his client that the server sends to him. Thus, the protection does not help and NAT mechanism establishes a connection because the internal network. There's so well written that it is very difficult to detect. It can be a program legal support for remote computer management and it was good as such is good and that all traffic between the client and the server takes place encrypted.

When the test version (alpha and beta) completed during the program development, implementation, and no more new features or fixes previously identified errors listed version gives the selected (and sometimes all) of the users in the test in order to remove some more gaps before program support released for distribution. Version emphasizes that the errors in the system can support. Below is RTM distributions.
Release To

All features planned for the final version of software is basically implemented in the RC version of software which is basically the final stage of removing the remaining errors. No new features compared to the RC version, but the product is prepared in several versions about the possibility (basically home and business versions) and thus prices. Shall be final 'polishing' before the final version of the package in colorful boxes fornication - GA (general availability) distribution.
Remote login operation, the possibility that the user is involved in the work on a remote computer through a computer which they are used. Basically the user to have a copy of your screen image on his screen is the remote user.
Rendering Refers to the process of adding realism by adding three-dimensional computer graphics qualities such as shadows and color variation between light and shade. One such image processing technique called 'ray tracing'. The second type is the 'scanline rendering' rendering that is based on the use of a single whole image in a short time interval (frame) in a sequence of images instead of processing from object to object as it makes 'ray tracing'. Generally, 'scanline rendering' does not give good results as the 'ray tracing', but is widely used in animation where the image quality of each interval is not so important.
Resource A particular set of information obtained through the Internet. It can be anything from paintings to video or set of programs, files or set of files in general.
Retail Product or program support intended for the end user, the user store sales packaged in a box in which the product is all that belongs to him, since the warranty card to the detailed instructions. If it comes to computer components (a graphics card), the goods has passed at least the minimum safety and control must be in the package are media and the drivers, which need not be the latest, but certainly working with the product. If it comes with the operating system installation media are more or less extensive instructions on how to install the above. For the user-buyer this is the safest and most expensive offerings.
RFC Request for Comments - Disclosure requirements, a standard mechanism that defines the documents that describe a communication protocol on the Internet, rather guidance on how best to exploit described for use on the Internet. These instructions are of great importance to developers and equipment manufacturers.
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer - Processor architecture with a small set of simple commands, the increased number of registers, including the cache memory of the processor and the use of processing data coming in succession when the output processing one input to another process (pipelining). The concept is based on the simultaneous parallel processing of the application is necessary among the qualifications that connects the individual processing elements. Developed by a British corporation 'ARM Holdings' designs them, sells license rights and making the client leaves. An example of such a processor is Intel ATOM. Reverse of the CISC.
Roaming In a wireless network, refer to switch from one access point to another without losing the service or connection loss. 'Roaming' allows users to move freely within an area, as a campus, and continuous access to the Internet, e-mail services and similar services that are available to them.
Robot Server that uses the Robot Exclusion Standard toured to all web servers that are registered on his search and made the cataloging (indexing) of their pages. Standard defines how to create 'robot.txt' file that allows the robot to retrieve selected and indexed all content web servers that are not prohibited under the orders of the specified file. Use the keyword 'User-agent' and 'Disallow:' in a way which is obtained as in the listing by clicking on the icon 'robot' at the bottom of the first page of this book. The file is placed in the root directory of the server.
ROM Read Only Memory - Nonvolatile memory where the content is only available to read, and by the ongoing production of 'imprinted' program that has executed or read. This very principle is basically applied to the BIOS. Turning off the computer contents remain stored. Modern versions of the ROMs allow modifications specifically designed program support, but it should not be done unless absolutely necessary.
Router Dedicated computer, with a specific program support, which handles the communication between two or more networks. Router focus on end addresses of the packets of data that pass through it and decide which path to send them, and provides guidance on the next router where to send the data. Working on the third layer of the OSI model.

In each data packet to be transmitted is registered IP source and destination. Protocols that define the source and destination address from the packet goes on that is coming called routed protocols. Devices (such as routers) that use this address to find the optimal path between a source and a destination through a computer network used by routing protocols. Routed protocol monitors the delivery of packets and routing protocol monitors the route a packet through a network.
RS 232c Serial data transmission which uses connectors with 9 or 25 pins, baud rates up to 115'200 bps, completely pushed out of use because of the widespread and faster USB standard. But we must not forget that at lower speeds the standard allows communication at distances greater than 100 m was used in the former modem to a remote terminal connected to the host computer or modem to the computer. Still being used in a measuring instrument, where the speed data is not of importance. In addition to the data cables were used and lines for signaling and communication control (see 'UART').
RSA Rivest, Shamir, i Adelman - The creators of these cryptographic techniques for data exchange posted the 1977th year, which is based on the factorization of large integers. RSA is also the name for the actual realization of the described technique. How to use RSA encryption and authentication data, is involved in many security protocols. Uses asymmetric key pair, public and private. It is the first, most popular and most widely used cryptographic system with a public key.
Real-Time Clock - The battery used to power the CMOS memory content of BIOS, and among other things, keeps information about the current time. Over time, it should be replaced as well as button cell battery CR2032, which belongs to this group of batteries. When laptops are not standardized, and can find a variety of performance compared to the CR2032 battery.
RX; TX Abbreviations for Receive and Transmit, respectively.

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