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Term Description
QoS Quality of Service - Measure of the quality of communication. Takes into account the bit rate, the frequency error, the delay signal and a data packet and a few parameters, so that for certain types of data to ensure an acceptable environment. For example, a video conference require a high level of quality. QoS mechanism shall give priority to video conference with respect to web search. Thus, the different types of traffic are assigned different priorities. This special feature can be turned on in the settings of the operating system, and all the more active network devices that have this built-in ability to monitor traffic.
Queue Memory type sequential approach; package of data awaiting processing, electronic mail messages sent by the recipient has not read it. If multiple data packets found in the memory on the waiting list, it may happen that a faulty packet processing block it next to follow after him. Operating systems for printers determined by a single space on the disk that has a purpose. It is not uncommon for users of ignorance (or a paper jam in the printer) fill this space, so it always prints the first document in the waiting list when the printer is functional.

Layout of the keyboard that makes typing slow. Schedule remained as a historical legacy when this schedule is selected to slow down due to jamming typewriters typing machines (see 'Keyboard').

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