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IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority - international organization responsible for the global coordination of the DNS top-level headquarters, the IP address scheme for IPv4 and IPv6 protocol version, and other Internet protocols that are used. This is one of the oldest institutions of which they are the beginnings of action in 1970. year. Today it operates under the nonprofit organization ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, formed the 1998th year, which develops and promotes policies and behaviors unique identification belonging to the Internet.
IBM International Business Machines - company established since the time of mechanical typewriters machines. Entering the world of computers using advanced technologies quickly grew into a world-leading computing power that is basically charting standards. Because blue-white colored devices were dubbed 'Big Blue'. Received great popularity with computer IBM PC (IBM Personal Computer) and define a standard PC. Because of its open architecture, they created a whole industry of PC-compatible computers, which are due to its affordability is one of the most common computer architectures in general.
Icon Small image, usually the size of 32x32 px, the symbol on the screen of the computer monitor in the GUI environment that allows visual communication between the user and the device in a way that clicking on the icon activates a program support, open the menu and more.
ICQ Derivative of the phrase 'I Seek You' - Internet messaging service and direct communication by writing (chat), send files, and play games live (online) and that allows it to see the currently active users. Some kind of 'talkers'.
Set of standards that describes various ways wired and wireless communications, issued by the 'Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers'. 'xx' is a numeric code that is added to the letter, as 802.11g, to indicate differences in the expand the standard versions, although all based on the same protocol.
ILM Industrial Light & Magic - George Lucas once to record a series of films 'Star Wars' company established for the exercise of special visual effects primarily using computer technology (see the CGI).
Intel The American company that designed the first microprocessor for PC, and in this segment, most of the time is sacrosanct. It also produced an accompanying set of chips (chipset) for the motherboard, which in some versions proved very stable. For most of the proposed technologies are sought license rights, and they almost all new work also being rapidly adopted in the market.
A fine-tuned balance of HDD spin speed, transfer rate and caching algorithms designed to deliver both significant power savings and solid performance. Intellipower drives are spinning at 5400 RPM or 5900 RPM.
Interface Electronic circuit that bridges the incompatibility between communication devices (logical or physical). It can refer to when hardware is detailed functions of electronic devices, capacity, data transmission and signaling, layout of connectors between the unit and its physical dimensions and other parameters essential for communication and devices that are connected. If you refer to software then it is on the way to communicate between computer programs and beneficiaries either via a graphical user interface or in some other way. Generally, some kind of boundary alignment.
Internet If it is viewed as a physical device to a group is a set of interconnected networks in the world, often just called the 'net', or a more thorough 'inetrnetwork', in Anglo-Saxon literature, the name is then written to the first small letter. If it is viewed as a set of services that are offered through the network infrastructure, in Anglo-Saxon literature written in the first capital letter.
Intranet The name that is used to make the local network of a company as a separate segment clarify. But that means a couple of 'little things'; encrypted traffic to colleagues, firewall to reject unwanted guests demilitarized zone, and the like. Seen from this point of view is the default that users are hidden behind it, but it does not have to be the rule. Because of more frequent abuse of computing resources is becoming more intranet is a private network and less public.
IP Internet Protocol - The protocol used on the Internet (see TCP / IP).
Unique four-decade numerical address assigned to each domain on the Internet. Basically it is the address of the IP protocol is used after the initial establishment of a connection between users and the network can not be two users with the same IP address. As the number of users every day grow sufficient number of public IP addresses is getting smaller, and are resorting to NAT mechanism whereby the one behind the public address 'hides' whole private network of any private classes. All traffic outside the network can be seen as a public transport with only one output device address that implements NAT.
IPSec Communication Standard (open), which provides data confidentiality, data integrity and authentication information between participants in communication. IPSec provides these security services at the IP layer, the operator uses the negotiation protocol and algorithm based on local policy, and generates encryption keys and authentication. Can be protected by one or more data flows between pairs of devices that communicate.
IPv4 Currently the most widely used version of IP version 4, or IPv4 shorter (see TCP / IP).
IPv6 IP version 6, or IPv6 shorter is a relatively new version of the IP protocol, which will most likely become the next version of the standard communication protocol in the largest computer network today - the internet (see TCP / IP).
IRC Internet Relay Chat - widespread schemes to chat in real time, which allows users to communicate in writing with other people around the world. Similar to ICQ, but no elements postings and download files.
ISA Industry Standard Architecture - one of the standards in the computer bus. On it was based the bus IBM PC compatible and its appearance at the time of the first personal computers (see BUS). As basically represented parallel data transfer between the devices using the bundled cable is ribbon-like (flat). standard is satisfied in a time when electronic computers could not handle fast serial transmission such as the current USB standard.
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network - digital network with integrated services which allows a faster data throughput compared to a dial-up communications. Allows the simultaneous transmission of voice, video, and files information. To communicate using standard PTT line and used splitter for separating standard telephone traffic which was composed in 'Internet' traffic. ADSL this form of communication is completely suppressed.
ISO International Organization for Standardization - organization established the 1947th and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its main task is the adoption of international standards for scientific and technical activities and services, or different industries. Unites around 140 countries through local seats. It basically does not make standards but recommendations. Thus, for example, established the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) reference model that describes a system of network connectivity. Sometimes overlaps with the activity CCITT (Comite Consultatif Internationale de Telegraphique et Telephonique) organization, and for the same or a similar thing using two names. ISO is not an acronym but a name that derives from the Greek word 'iso' meaning same. 1987th The organization has introduced the ISO 9000 standard, which prescribes quality standards for products, processes and management. Based on the standard given the next version 9xxx standards.
ISO File type - File format defined by ISO standards, which is made on the basis of the CD/DVD media with software tools created specifically for this purpose. Very often called 'disc image' (disk image). Software tools designed to work with this type of files have a very diverse options, from editing the file contents up to its execution on the virtual optical device created program support for just this purpose. It all depends on the purpose designed program support, for example, the virtual machine can use .ISO file to install the operating system .ISO file contains.
ISP Internet Service Provider - company or organization, such as the T-Com and others, which allow Internet access to legal or natural person, of course, for a fee. Before deciding to whom to defer want to read comments on the 'news' groups or forums. Should choose one that adheres to the mainstream and has a high-quality support. Be sure to read the comments to lowercase, which usually hide what is unfavorable.
ITU-T International Telecommunications Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector - UN department responsible for telecommunications standards, established on the basis of former CCITT.
IXP Internet Exchange Point - A place where to exchange Internet traffic.

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