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GA General Availability - Final distribution of software products available in stores for sale to the end user, and use, with all necessary documents, packaged in a colorful box. Essentially based RTM distribution of software. There may be some minor amendments, and often are the additional utilities, electronic documents or other electronic content to such advertisements. Sales for the corporation takes a little differently (according to contract) if it is the same product.
Graphic driver system designed for the creation, development, and playing video games, but also medical and military simulators. The system is a framework program support that developers use to create games for consoles and/or PC. The basic functions of the system typically includes a system for generating and extradition of 2D or 3D graphics (rendering engine), a system for generating sound, animation system, a system of artificial intelligence, networking system, memory management and stage graphics. In the process of game development is often largely not go into detail, so that the same system could be reused and/or adapted for other games. Contains almost every hardware accelerated data processing which does processor graphics cards. So graphically presents an actuating system software kernel to create games and simulations.
Gateway Network output - a name that refers to a device whose function is to provide access to the local network and the Internet using the Internet service from a computer belonging to a local network. Usually, it is the IP address of the interface of that device, which is connected to the local network. The device can contain multiple interfaces for connecting multiple local networks. As the output device interface again a date in a master network, in general it is a device that allows you to connect different networks into a unified communication system. Usually, it is the router. ADSL communication, for example, uses a specific type of router that allows you to connect one or more users on the Internet (SOHO).
GIF Graphic Interchange Format - File format for displaying images, developed by Compuserve, particularly widespread on the Internet for graphic representations when the number of colors (browser) was limited to 256 colors from which again were not all available. File compression is carried out on the principle of reducing the available colors you can have a very negative effect on a very colorful contents. A positive feature of which is very suitable for graphs to be used with a bit of color views or views with shades of gray. A useful feature of what was one of the colors can be declared transparent, usually surface on which the drawing. File extension is .webp.
GND Ground; grounding in general. A very important factor in the operation of electronic devices (see 'ground').
GNU The project, which was started by Richard Stallman 1984th years to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software: the GNU system - an acronym for 'GNU's Not Unix'. Versions of the GNU operating system used by the Linux kernel are widely used in server platforms, and rarely as a personal computer. Although these systems are often called 'Linux', they are actually GNU / Linux systems. This applies to program support-made for these systems, although it can also come across program support for the MS Windows platform which is compiled from the original GNU code. Thus, it refers to the free use of software and its source code - open source. This in turn means that their distribution of the 'GPL - GNU Public License' means a public announcement of assumptions and making free use of all the possible modification. On the other hand, this also means that they can charge installation and compiling the software for those who do not know, but the piece is free - not a job.
Google One of the best service for automatic indexing and search the web. The greatest value of Google is a huge amount of seats and their page which are logged on it makes a huge database that is available to the user. Not without reason established saying 'I will use Google before asking dumb questions'. However, we can not unreservedly believe everything you find on the Internet, but it certainly has a lot of useful content.
The technology used to create interactive geographical maps. Google is used to a certain area of the Earth show a similar road map or satellite view, and as a mixture of both of these views. All areas are covered in full detail in the same way, it is possible to show in commercial hotels, restaurants and the like. Product 'Google Earth' is a free software using this technology and can be downloaded from their seats, and there is a complete professional variants to be paid.
GPGPU General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units - General use of graphic processing circuits on the processing of data which are not graphic. The basic idea is the use of GPU resources until it deals with its designated task. To become a viable GPGPU specified must support the operating system and method for software development as have all previous solutions, which, for example, offers a 'DirectX 11' API in Windows 7 OS. As the GPU is primarily designed for graphics, thus are very restrictive in terms of use for programming. Due to its nature, the GPU is effective in solving problems related to the processing flow of abundance similar data (stream processing), which can be considered as a set of separate fragments, which are due to the similarities may be processed separately and simultaneously - parallel processing, in this sense, can be use GPU hardware.
GPT GUID Partition Table - the latest standard for laying out partitions of a hard disk. It makes use of globally unique identifiers (GUID) to define the partition and it is part of the UEFI standard. MBR that limits each partition to only 2 TB in size, each partition in GPT can hold up to 2^64 blocks in length. In Microsoft Windows, that size is limited to 256 TB.
GPU Graphics Processing Unit - Graphics chip, a specialized processor with the main purpose of relieving the CPU of 3D graphic rendering objects that are displayed on the screen, and truly care about the physical behavior of the objects within the space of a video display, which is based on a set of software tools for the visual reproduction (video engine) , mostly for games. 3D 'engine', i.e. software systems created by the graphics API, such as the 'DirectX' or 'OpenGL', enabling software use GPU - graphics card where the GPU is located. Processor is sometimes called VPU (Visual Processing Unit). The simplest example would be processing facility as a tree, which is closer to the viewer as an object in space is illustrated by him must show greater with much more detail than an object to be displayed as a further and therefore diminished, although both objects composed of the same elemental parts.

grounding is a a riotous celebration system engineers in their daily work. Power system is basically designed to come into the construction phase object (RST0-M, three phase, zero and mass) or single (R0-M, phase, zero and mass) power system. The object can be mounted flush or surface-mounted sockets depending on the system have 5 (five) or 3 (three) to contact their corresponding plug. Everyday computing devices in your system are provided for single phase power connection for all three contacts and a computer connected to the jack with cable designed for it. For all the above standards exist. But, at least in Croatia, 'smart head' have decided that instead of three wires (R0-M) can use two (R0) and the ground terminal is connected to the socket with zero contact - neutralization, because the hydroelectric plant (or any other) zero generator is grounded and thus 'saving' on copper?!? However, one little detail they forgot, electronic devices do not use a linked zero and the ground contacts, but the grounds. This energy experts probably were not taught in school. More..
GUI Graphical User Interface - Interface that allows the client software that displays text information or graphics, or in mixed form (text and graphics), to facilitate the work of the user. The idea came from Xerox, which the makers of Apple and Microsoft wisely used. Modern operating systems are almost entirely graphical, which means that the screen shows images depending on the actions taken by the user (input is basically restoring images by amending Order entry), and the printing process is essentially printing images.

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