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Term Description
Jack Socket, connector or connectors. In a community with plug, socket makes electrical contact between communication circuits. Depending on dedicate there are very different, and different is called. It is the female component of the socket / plug for making contact of any kind. Therefore, it is usually located on the device, or if the wall is considered the supply system of 110 V or 220 V. Some types of connectors have been standardized and are identified by names or characteristics as: RJ45 - Registered Jack 45, 6.3 mm or 3.5 mm music jack - mono or stereo and more.
Java Programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that supports multimedia effects while the user is on the line, as simple animated drawings, background music and constant renewal information to the website. The basic function is the interactivity between users and servers, as well as the fulfillment of the offered form from buying or paying bills. Very often used maliciously about posting malicious content on the user's computer. The basic idea was to combine the functionality of web content regardless of platform.
Java-applet Small enforceable program incorporated into the HTML code Web site, designed to be executed regardless of which platform is web content viewed, and who when reading web pages automatically downloaded and installed in your browser cache. How did they evolve FLASH, ASP and PHP technologies, and CSS and DHTML, their importance in the Internet world is getting smaller.
JavaScript Scripting language developed for use on a variety of computing platforms (cross-platform, scripting language), primarily related to Web content, developed in the U.S., Sun Microsystems, Inc. The basic function of it is to extend the functionality of Web content and interactivity between the user and the server, no points of contact with the Java programming platform. It's very popular with the designer of web content, but unfortunately allows the writing and malicious script that will set the user's computer of unwanted content without his knowledge.
Joker Wildcard, the signs are very important task when searching files. In Microsoft operating systems used by the characters ' * ' and ' ? '. Joker ' * ' replace multiple characters (.* - file with any name and extension, .txt - text files, .p* - files whose name begins with the letter 'p'). Joker ' ? ' replaces 1 character (?ero.txt - files whose first character can be any kind while other ero.txt, ???.* - all files with 3 letters in the name). Unix also uses these characters, but should be careful when using recursive. In fact it can be set pieces that deletes the directory tree a particular file type, tmp, for example, but if one makes a mistake ....
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group - Standard compression images or videos that has been developed specifically for use on the Internet, and its purpose is to image compression and file contents with a loss to the extent that the user wants. JPEG file extensions with graphic amenities are .webp or .jpeg. Format is suitable for diversified content as it can easily perform color interpolation of neighboring pixels, but it is very inconvenient for graphs with few colors, especially where prevailing monochrome ground on which to leave by compression of spots.
JScript Implementing the 'JavaScript' in Microsoft's way. The current version is largely supported by ECMAScript standard (European Computer Manufacturers Association), the original creators of the 'JavaScript' standard.
JSP Indicates the Java Server Pages, or server-side Java technology similar ASP technology by function. The Internet has supported since its inception some basic protocols but can be supplemented and graphic presentation. Today, in the age of Flash animation, CSS and DHTML, Java applets have fallen into the shadows. Today in the world of Web applications on the server side using three technologies: JSP, PHP and ASP. Web content is created on the server and the user takes the finished pages.
Jumper Small plastic plug with two holes suitable for electrical connection and two-pin plug (male connector excerpt). An integral part of any motherboard, and the place of use is similar to the male connector. Usually the male connector is indicated by 'ON' and 'OFF'. 'ON' indicates the need to bridge the two pins and to establish electrical connections, and 'OFF' indicates that the specified connection is not required. So, something like the switch but simpler (cheaper). Today's motherboards all use fewer bridges because all adjustments made automatically, electronically bridges, through program support of BIOS.

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