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Term Description
Tag Label - In HTML dictionary, it's a way of marking text (see 'HTML') regarding text formatting.
TAO Track-at-once - Refers to the mode CDs containing more than one session. Option where the laser recorder off while recording data to the media and is used when recording audio CDs with a break between songs (usually about 2 seconds). Laser is turned off after recording each track. If the data is recorded on computer media can record multiple sessions, when you want to later further record new data, where the record does not finalize the (open). When recording a new session is created a new 'Lead In' and 'Lead Out'. This mode is suitable for recording computer data - files, or create your own audio compilations. This mode has the ability to be a medium for recording finalized (closed) - no additional correspondence data.
TCP Transmission Control Protocol - One of the main protocol used on the Internet. (see TCP / IP). Has a mechanism for correcting errors during data exchange, and requires re-sending the data to determine how that data was received defective.
TCP / IP The usual protocol label group formed by acronyms of the two most important protocols in this group: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and IP (Internet Protocol). TCP / IP to communicate between the various interconnected networks, the most widespread protocol on local area networks and the underlying protocol that is based and global network - Internet. More..
Telnet Terminal emulation software that allows an authorized user to access another computer on the Internet and its use, as if the user is logged on locally, while in reality, perhaps thousands of kilometers away. It is still used to configure active network devices. More modern versions of this program support support encrypted traffic.
Temp Directory that serves as a place where he will go SETUP self-extracting file, or a collection of files that is used by the client software during installation or operation. A well designed program support will delete created content which was not needed. But most of the software products will leave this book and lots of useless content, which may eventually filled very easy HDD. It is therefore useful to this directory periodically emptied by 'hand' or using a script that will automatically activate periodically.
Terminal Part of the hardware (usually keyboard and monitor) that allows commands to be sent to a computer headaches (mainframe), and that basically no services useless host. The concept that has long since gone down in history, but the mechanism of emulation with software designed to support designated for the same, can such a computer with access to a personal computer that is joined to the terminal.
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol - Simple FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which the paper uses the UDP protocol concerning data exchange. The most commonly used within the same local area network as a protocol with which the network devices communicate with the appropriate TFTP server performance regarding working as upgrading operating systems and more. Used to transfer small amounts of data. Network devices that do not have their own non-volatile memory used protocol for copying the operating system from a server into your working memory in the process of turning on the device.
Third Party Literally meaning 'third party', which can be interpreted many times, but in informatics this term refers to a specialized program support third-party software that can be installed on any operating system that replaces program support manufacturers operating system developed for the same purpose. Usually the client software manufacturers have rudiment properties, advanced users can not meet. Third-party software is usually more comprehensive and better, and because of this often complicated to use, and can be free or commercial. An example is the software for file compression, support for recording on optical media, various programs to play multimedia content and the like. An example is the support for the ZIP contents into the Windows OS and WinZIP program support independent producers. To facilitate the use of software-party very often insists to prevent monopoly operating system in all program areas.
Thread Part of software that can be run independently of other aspects of the program. The term can also refer to the method of instruction, independent simultaneous processing of several.
Throughput Throughput that users can accomplish using the communication channel (see 'bandwidth').
To-Do list Task List, see the algorithm - sequential description of actions to be executed in order to complete a task is completed. Generally it can be used in planning the activities of an individual, group or the entire company. It may be the most ordinary table with three columns, the first number of the row in the second description of the action that has to do, in the third marking performed or not performed by a description of the procedure, such as a table that sequentially by point describes how to install the operating system on your computer. It is very useful because if for some reason the process is interrupted, you know exactly where you must continue.
Transceiver Transceiver - A device that has the task to convert one type of signal to another communication in both directions (full duplex). Most often it is a device that converts electrical signals into the optical on the reverse, and there are different devices using the SM and MM optical cable. In newer versions of network devices dominate SFP (Small Formfactor Plugable) modules that can be easily inserted into the appropriate slot of device. Possible conversion of serial communication in parallel and vice versa. Apart purpose transceiver, formerly named and converter, the essential characteristics is its throughput capacity (bps). Care must be taken that the transceivers of the same type and preferably by the same manufacturer connectors that connect devices.
Transistor The electronic element is made of semiconductors, the basic element of an industrialist in many electronic circuits, as well as the basic unit of meristematic electronic computers. Several of them located on the same substrate and interconnected by special technological procedures constitute logical circuits that are able to perform mathematical and logical operations. Such a group, located in the casing is called the integrated circuit.
Virus that does not spread, but was placed instead of the normal program with subroutines removed to protect against unauthorized copying destructive program written with the intention of breaking computer security system, it is usually masked by the user is displayed as a program for archiving, plays, etc., a Trojan horse can leave the consequences for which the author may be subject to legal proceedings.
TUI Text User Interface - User interface that uses the entire screen monitors to work, on which the client software is displayed as a graphical representation but of ASCII characters. Activated from the CLI (Command Line Interface) and is mainly used in advanced computer programs. From the given 'image' are used keyboard shortcuts to initiate some kind of action which also displays the result in the form of formatted ASCII representation. The diameter of the UNIX environment is 'Midnight Commander', which runs from the command line console or terminal.
TWAIN Not officially an acronym. More about it with WIM term.
TX; RX Abbreviations for Transmit and Receive, respectively.

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