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Term Description
NAT Network Address Translation - Translating one IP address from one network to a different IP address in another network. In the design of networks are usually defined external and internal networks. The external network includes devices and services must be accessible to the public, as a Web server for the presentation of the institution or the e-mail server and similar. The internal network includes devices that the public does not see, the concept of allowing a router that basically do not miss the traffic with private IP addresses. ALL internal private IP addresses are translated into one single external public IP address, and the translation is done for the designed device that usually has the functionality of a firewall, or server with two network cards one of which is visible from the outside and the other serves the internal private network. Software of system / server worried about how it will be carried traffic between internal and external networks. In this way, all devices in the internal network are hidden and protected from the 'attack'.

Way to connect the amplifier output or sequentially connected amplifier or logic circuits, with the entrance to the amplifier so that the back part of the output signal from the counter phase with the signal at the entrance to the total signal at the entrance to a small amplifier. The consequence is a reduction in signal amplification but also significantly reduce signal distortion during the amplification. Feedback branches with output to input normally contains only resistant 'R' elements in order to avoid a change in phase of the signal. Because of this distortion reduction mechanism is used primarily to process analog signals. In logic circuits increases its stability and better discernment '0' and '1', but causes a slower rate of change of state.
Netiquette The informal, largely unwritten rules, devised because the Web becomes civilized and civilized 'society'. If any of the users of Internet services do not act like other users can log ga over the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), which has every ISP and impolite users can be 'punished' for adequately caused the incident.
Network Two or more connected computers able to exchange data, regardless of whether it serves a or not. In short, the computer network. If you are connecting only two computers is not necessary to use an active network equipment to connect them but enough special cable designed for this purpose, or some form of wireless communication.
Newsgroup Thematic groups where users share their thoughts by writing a message, and can also exchange files. There are thousands of 'news' groups that offer information on various topics (see Usenet). But very often has a very irresponsible advice and read should be taken with a dose of attention. To read the news serves a 'newsreader'. Outlook Express has implemented this peculiarity.
NFC Near Field Communication - Set radio communications standards for smart phones and similar devices for the establishment communicate with each other with touch or at close range up to a few inches.
NIC Network Interface Card - electronic device in the form of card inserted into the computer, or as an integral part of the motherboard (see motherboard) whose function is to connect a computer to a PC network via wired or wireless. This does not apply to dial-up or ADSL connection to the network, although ADSL device for connection to the computer can be used to communicate with each NIC. The term also means Network Information Center - a place with organized set of files (databases) available in a network; headquarters of 'newspaper' for example.
Node Place in a computer network that is capable of sending or receiving data. It can be a computer that connects to the network modem or network card, printer, terminal, copier, wireless access point, and some other device that will, at some sort of standardized protocols to communicate with other devices in the network. Nodes are connected with an active network devices in charge just to manage the communication, which are interconnected and connected to nodes passive equipment.
Noise Undesirable disturbance in the system that affects the quality of the signal transmission through the communication channel. It is a different signal amplitude and frequency parameters which are changing in a random process or periodically. Noise signal changes the signals messages, and distort ga useful signal can be distorted to the extent that it is unrecognizable. Analog signals are very sensitive to noise, while digital signal much more resistant. Depending on the type of message that is transferred, the analog signal may become unusable, but the distortion of 1% while the digital signal can be recognized if it is distorted and over 50%. The technology of integrated circuits allow the efficient conversion of analog signals to digital and vice versa, which significantly contributes to the resistance if the communication system for the transmission through the communication channel uses a digital signal. Sources of noise are different (heat, electrical discharge, etc.), and the most commonly used medium for signal transmission was most resistant optical cable and unshielded cable sensitive.
Non-ECC The explanation is related to the concept of ECC. See the ECC.
NTP Network Time Protocol - Protocol to synchronize system clocks on network devices and computers. NTP is a UDP protocol. The importance of synchronization is reflected in the security. For example, if the delay of the data by the user to the server more than 5 seconds can be considered to be a block of data retained but modified and only then forwarded to the server, and as such is faulty. Time Synchronization can perform server to which the user connects or both of the two using public servers 'time'.
NTSC National Television System Committee - (Never The Same Colour). American standard for transmission of TV pictures. More about the expression 720480i/p

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