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Term Description
Hacker A person who is skilled in programming, particularly in machine language and detail that knows all the secrets of the computer system. Often use their knowledge and nonprofessional purposes, or to write malicious code which is designed to do some damage. Used the name 'Cracker' which refers to people who code modification program support some manufacturers 'bypass' authentication and authorization (twisting destination address of an IF-THEN-ELSE form for example).
HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer - Program support as a link between the physical computer hardware and operating system on the computer being used. Its function is to 'hide' the difference in the circuitry of the core operating system (kernel), so that the operation and composition of the nucleus in most cases does not need to commute to work on the system if the changes made to computer hardware. HAL can basically be seen as the driver of the motherboard which allows the execution of instructions in communication with the computer hardware. In practice, this means that you will not need to make reinstallation of the operating system when replacing the graphics card, but only install its drivers. But when replacing the motherboard needs to re-install the operating system because its drivers is an integral part of the core that is created just in the process of its installation. Operating systems like Windows NT have HAL in their core, which allows the use of different hardware systems in terms of I / O architecture. For example, Intel x86 SGI workstations are IBM PC compatible computers, but because of HAL, Windows NT operating systems can be installed on them.
Two-way communication using a communication channel but alternately. First, communication is one-way, by agreement is terminated and continues in the other direction. Modem communication is a typical example of this type of connection. Former radio devices had a button you have the antenna connected the transmitter or the receiving part through the switches conveniently located button. Participants verbal communication when they reached an agreement that will not stop talking and listen. Over :-)
Two way interoperability of connected devices in which data exchange procedure performs queries and responses. Query the signal is sent to the device to find out its status, and the answer is that the device sends a signal to describe their status, for example, 'ready for data'. Thus, signaling that monitors system conditions and that allows shipping or receiving data, but on other lines reserved for receiving data. Thus, in the group of lines of communication there are multiple lines with different purposes. This procedure can be performed through a single wire with a team that is alternately exchanged messages about the state of the device and sending only data. Modem uses this mechanism to exchange data between the modem and RS 232C PC interface.

Solid circular plate (disk) with magnetic properties designed for data storage. Can contain multiple panels, which turns an electric motor and placed in air-tight inclosure in which the purified air. Metal plate inside the rigid disk are coated with a thin layer of a magnetized substance, magnetic heads that glide just above the control panel direction of magnetic domains and thus stored or read information. Distance from the head plate is smaller than the size of the molecules of smoke, and it is clear why the whole mechanism encapsulates with purified air.
Hardware Hardware computer equipment, the physical parts of the computer equipment, general hardware, which is the essence and if all devices are appropriate program support (software) is not merged into an effective aid to people today.
Hash Summary - One-way process that converts the content of any input size to output a message checksum fixed size, called the message summary (message digest), or just a summary. This process is not reversible, and it is not possible to create a change in the message or change the data summary and to make changes to remain compliant. one type of protection that is used for digital signature in PGP encryption mechanism.
HFC Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial type of infrastructure primarily used to deliver TV service, telephone services and broadband Internet access in the form of cable Internet, taking advantage of the high bandwidth of a HFC network or RFoG (Radio Frequency over Glass) network which brings the benefits of a passive fiber topology. Data transmission speeds (over 100 Mb/s) and stability are achieved through the HFC network according to DOCSIS 3.0 standard.
Hit Visit approach - application to the web server computer by Internet users through a web browser that delivers Web pages on the selected address. Popularity of individual seats on the Internet measured by the number hit this one, visit a server. For the analysis of the seat there are no effective statistical tools, one of which is very popular for servers Awstats and Webalizer, a very good tool for monitoring the group's of sites is Google Analytics.
Hoax False alarm on say a new, 'very dangerous' viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other forms of malicious code which is presented to the user to take certain actions using his naivete and ignorance. The message ends with advice such as 'Format the drive ...' or 'Get a program for cleaning your computer at ...' and so forth. Very convincing and professionally written messages. These are therefore some kind of advice, calls for help, chain letters, petitions and other related above.
Home Website. On the World Wide Web, and this is the main home page of a company, organization, universities, individuals, etc., from which the following pages go to other pages of the same web space or a hyphen lead to other servers. Home usually has one called index.html, index.htm, default.html, or home.html, depending on how it is configured web server. If the server uses a Web-based technologies (such as PHP and related) then it will be the starting station index.php and the like.
Home theater system for audio-visual entertainment, which can achieve at home a similar atmosphere as in the public theater. Video systems are related mainly to play TV, DVD or BR (Blu-ray) content. Reproduction is done through a projector, or more frequently with plasma display device. Audio multi channel system prefers to use multiple speakers placed all around the room in a way to create a feeling of spaciousness (surround sound). For this purpose we use the 5.1 or 7.1 sound systems, i.e. systems with 5 or 7 speakers arranged in a ring around the one sound to play very low frequencies. With comfortable seating is achieved pleasing cinematic feel. These rooms usually have good sound insulation that does not disturb the neighbors, and also to balance the distribution of sound in the room.
Host The main (mainframe) computer speaking in the context of computer networks with terminals in onetime architectures, or the name of the user's computer with a modern operating system with all the relevant software that includes the option of connecting to the Internet. In the second case, the Internet hosts a variety dedicate servers (web, access, etc.).
Hotspot It's a public place, such as airports, shopping center or conference center in which is readily available wireless networks, typically 802.11b or IEEE 802.11a standard communication. Description of the 'hot' refers to the very high sensitivity for security when accessing the Internet.
HTML HyperText Marcup Language - language designed for creating web pages. Basic components to display web content web pages other keywords are framed signs inequalities as <TABLE> ...< /TABLE> called TAG (Touch and Go). To format the content page is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The most interesting 'tag' is a HYPERLINK (link) to the next document in the same seat or under the seat to someone else.
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol - Protocol to transfer HTML documents that are used on the Internet. Determinants are described in detail in an RFC. Security version of this protocol is based on the HTTPS encrypts traffic.
Hyperlink Joints on a web page that allows you to click on it to display a new page to which it directs the same or a new window. Coupling may be declared both text and images. Joints can be used to automatically download files, audio and video. Use the name of hypertext.

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