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P2P Peer to Peer - Method of exchanging data through a computer network in which users take fragments from each other instead of one central server. P2P as a technology today simply provides the best and cheapest way to get a huge number of users to a file, and the cost of such communication are relatively small and are shared among users. To set the community functioned users must make available content that you have and that everyone in the network immediately or continuously interesting.
Packet writing mode allows the use of CD-RW and DVD-RW media like hard drives. Before using them to prepare for the reception of data - format, with any additional program support (InCD, DirectCD or similar) or support imbedded in the OS, if the OS has. When data writing used UDF (Universal Disc Format) record system similar to FAT. Standard defined by OSTA (the Optical Storage Technology Association). 'Lead In' and 'Lead Out' records are not used. The medium is basically used as a floppy disk.
Padding Refers to a set of random characters, blank, zero, at the beginning and end of the message, to disguise its real length or to satisfy the requirements of the block size data, for example, that the size is always a multiple of a number. It can also mean a place where start data encryption or cryptographic data.
PAL Phase Alternating Line - (Perfect At Last / Peace At Last). European standard for the transmission of TV pictures. More about the term 768x576i/p.
PAN Personal Area Network - personal computer network that serves to connect various devices: computers, digital assistants, mobile phones and other devices that can be found in the vicinity of a person. All these devices need not be explicit in the ownership of the person concerned. Reach of a PAN is at the level of the apartment. So, home local area network.
Password The mechanism of protection of electronic identity and account. It is recommended that the password length is 8-15 characters, it does not contain spaces or special characters, and there are at least two capital letters, two numbers, because it is sensitive for most operating systems differ in their interpretation of the password. Good to know how most characters the password can use the system for electronic identity or account, and is therefore defined as increasing the size of the limit is not respected. No need to use complicated names as '$77MkmuJbm69', something bigger like a 'wolfand007goats' or 'LittleHouseof100rooms', which is certainly not easy to identify none of dictionary. Pay attention to the keyboard :-) for ' z '. A good practice is to periodically change your password, no matter what the tables with data on the server is kept encrypted.
PATA Parallel ATA - Way of transferring data between the computer and the disk or optical devices. Seen under the ATA.
The cable that connects the 'Patch Panel' socket with socket of active network device. Also called 'Patch Cord'.
Patch panel, passive circuit that is built into the network communication inclosures (see under RACK) as the interconnection between laid wired or fiber optic communication cables and active network equipment. The cable that connects the 'PATCH' socket with cocket of active network device called a 'Patch Cable' or 'Patch Cord'.
PBX Private Branch eXchange - system that functions as a collective telephone connection which allows the use of the same PTT line by multiple users, or as a service intended for home users who do not use Exchange Direct Dial. In traditional telephony can meet, but a constraint for Internet traffic.

PCI Express
Bus in computer systems, heiress PCI (Peripheral Connect Interface) bus as a mechanism for communication and data exchange between computing devices. Her basic feature high speed serial data transmission over one lane in full-duplex mode. In case of need, can be used multiple lanes (up to 32x). Unlike the AGP port that is true what you say bus install multiple graphics cards that will work independently or will they integrate special effects technology to act as a much more powerful one.

Personal Computer Memory Card International Association - Association of manufacturers of computer equipment in the U.S. established this standard as a way of connecting external devices to the notebook, based on the parallel data transfer. Slot accepts four thick tabs labeled I, II, III and IV, where the latter is not officially recognized by the above mentioned organization. Of course, constructed as a separate 'PC Card', this way of connecting devices usable in any computer. This standard has been replaced with 'PCI ExpressCard' specifications, also proposed by the association, but the final recommendations of the Association of the USB 3.0 standard.
PGP Pretty Good Privacy - Program for encrypting data that is used in personal computers and is based on the pooling of publicly published key that belongs to the person and the private key that is used to start the process of encryption. The user of this service its public key must be stored in one of the public servers designed specifically for this purpose. More..
Phising Fraudulent activity by that are trying to obtain sensitive information such as user names, passwords, credit card details and the like. So it is not a direct attack on the user and is usually done via e-mail or instant messaging and it is based on the exploitation of ignorance and naivety of users of Internet services.
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor - Use PHP commands and web content are created on the server and the user has taken the sites that were required as a result of his frequent server. Content is stored as parts of the database that is requested by the user and agree to take on a defined manner and delivered to a customer. Counterpart of this technology is the ASP (Microsoft) and JSP (Sun). PHP is one of the group scripting programming languages and basically executed on the server.
PHY Abbreviation for the physical layer of the OSI model. Interface for the PCI-Express, SATA, and USB Architectures. The best known application at specified interfaces is 128b/132b and 8b/10b coding scheme of signals that vary in length data packets and synchronization modes of communication. A higher number means more content and better packet synchronization and also compatibility with slower standards.

Public-Key Infrastructure - Infrastructure of key, which is kept in one of the PKS server (Public Key Server). It is a system of certification authorities (CAS) and registration authorities (RAS) that provides support for the use of asymmetric cryptographic keys in a data communication via such functions as certificate management, key management, and the like. Supports standards for the exchange of asymmetric keys. This type of exchange allows the recipient of the message entrusted to the signature in the message, and allows you to encrypt the message sender appropriate recipient.

Program support DOS nostalgic. Allows for easy compression and unpacking compressed files from the command line. There are versions of these programs and for XP (command prompt) environment. Files are used .ZIP extension.
PLL Phase-Locked Loop - Monitoring system and controls the phase of the output signal to the phase of the input 'reference' signal. An electronic circuit consisting of a variable frequency oscillator and phase detector. Phase detector through the feedback loop compares the phase of the input signal with the phase of the oscillator output signal which adjusts the frequency until the phase of both oscillators are not matched. In this way a very high frequency stability oscillator output and provides quality synchronization during transmission of signals between computer circuits.
PnP Plug and Play - Describe devices that work with turned-on and active computer system as soon as they are connected. OS of computer automatically recognizes the device, loads new driver for the hardware if needed, and begins to work with the newly connected device. For example, if Plug-and-Play mouse is connected to the USB port on computer, it will begin to work within a few seconds of being plugged in.
Pocket PC Small computer that does not have the characteristics of portable computers, but it has all the basic elements as well as a personal computer, keyboard, mouse, and power data storage and computation. Perhaps it is better described as an advanced upgrade calculator. Essentially providing effective assistance at every level of adoption of mathematical knowledge and frees users from time-consuming operations ordinary computations but significantly enhances creativity. With the possibility of wireless communication with the server or personal computer, sending e-mail, listen to mp3 tracks, or record voice at voice recorder, Pocket PC becomes more than helpful. Does anyone recall the logarithmic tables?
Point of
Place of network access over phone lines or cable TV systems; system modems and other computer and communications equipment that is constantly connected to a network. More simply, it is a place that gives ISP to an institution or company through which to achieve a continuous connection to the Internet.
Port Number associated with a single data source address or the IP address of the computer (see 'Socket') and is used to indicate the network location or accessing network services. For a particular service port number defined by an international standard (FTP has a number 21, etc.). The same term is used in the BIOS to set the address to which the devices will communicate with the computer.

Way to connect the amplifier output or sequentially connected amplifier or logic circuits, with the entrance to the amplifier so that the back part of the output signal in phase with the input signal so that the total signal at the input to the amplifier higher. The result is more gain, more distortion and tendency to unstable operation. As the output signal returned to the entrance helps increase the signal input, the process is cumulative and accelerate, leading to the appearance of oscillating amplifiers or amplifier acts as a signal generator. This mechanism, combined with the 'RC' and 'LC' elements (resistance, capacitor and coil) in the return branch of the exit to the entrance to oscillate at the exact frequency. Since the process is cumulative, and only supportive to the logic circuits are very fast changing situation and is used during the clock generator design microprocessors and computer systems or fast SRAM memory.
PPI Pixels Per Inch - See the DPI.
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol - The protocol used for establishing direct links between two nodes in the network. The most common case is to connect computers using serial communication cable, telephone lines, fiber optic or UTP network cable. Most ISP's use PPP for dial-up Internet access. It is also possible PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE), linking some ADSL device to your computer via a network card (NIC), which is much faster than connecting with a USB port, which of course does not change the speed of the ISP, but the connection seems stable ADSL computer . PPP was designed to work with the protocols of the third layer of the OSI model. Modern network devices allow this mode of communication between the two geographically remote users if the need arises.
PPPoE Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet - It is PPP protocol encapsulated in Ethernet frame. PPPoE provides access to an Ethernet network connectivity via broadband modem. The mechanism contains authorization and authentication of users, and can be used by multiple users share the subscriber line access device through an Internet service provider (ISP) and a control (surcharge) transmitted network traffic.
Preset See the term 'Default'.
Protocol Protocol or procedure prescribed manner in which computers communicate with each other through the Internet, in order to provide services or information exchange. The Internet is basically relies on TCP / IP protocol suite.
Double of master servers. Congestion computers and communication channels, the proxy server is often used on the Internet, in order to relieve the main server and the traffic directed to one or more counterparts. For example, a proxy server ISP in T-Com will keep the web page that is saved from the original source in America, and he demanded a user 'X'. if users 'Y' requires the same page will receive from the ISP's doppelganger and not from the original source. A proxy server is essentially performs the tasks addressed by the original. Saved web site for some time will be kept, periodically renewed automatically if you frequently visit or completely deleted if they are no longer current.
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network - Public Switched Telephone Network, the classic postal exchanges that use data and signaling that they have old phones to 'wheel'. Standard that will not be for some time to change.

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