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Term Description
Level one cache memory, a small cache, which is located on the processor unit (CPU) and serves accelerating data processing which would be a significant slowdown in processing speed restrictions due to the bus and was performed in a fast but expensive SRAM technology. There are two types: instruction and data cache. Depending on the manufacturer and type of CPU L1 can be divided into fixed mutually independent instruction and data part or can be dynamically shared. This type of cache memory used disk and optical devices.
L2, L3
The next level of cache memory, with the primary intention to ensure rapid data flow microprocessor. L2 working storage is usually composed of the CPU, and once she was on the motherboard, while the L3 working storage capacity for even greater, and it is common on the motherboard. Both species are fast SRAM memory type. A new generation of microprocessor incorporates L3 cache of that in its circuitry operates as a BUS.
LAN Local Area Network - A simplified set of computers in the same building, connected by a network cable if you do not take into account the specifics. Local networks are generally a function of a company or institution that will provide servers with their customers the functionality they want.
Layer In information technology, the name is used to describe the operation of the network system to define the flow of data flow between two users (OSI) model. The term is used in applications for photo editing or drawing, as well as an application for web content, when its meaning can be understood as the use of foils of different facilities, which are placed one over the other.
LCD Liquid Crystal Displays - mechanism that is used to display images with liquid crystals, which are managed by a control electrode which can be deployed in a way that is analogous to the size of their grip on the control voltage electrode. Two lattice polarization conductive plate at an angle of 90 (slit), ensuring that only the part of the light that the liquid crystals can be implemented step through which the polarization in conjunction with the slits. Crystal rotation is realized to a greater or lesser part in accordance slot position, which seems to color by color, and shifting crystal controlled analog signal to the control electrode.
A leased line is available 24 hours a day, usually always have the same IP address, regardless of the type of communication. Charged according to the regulations of the ISP or by mutual agreement.
Link Links at Web sites pages to connect pages of same site or any other site, defined as text or images. Provides immediate jump to the content that link points. I can relate to the content of the page that is viewed, 'invite' a new page in the same seat or activate a page from another seat in the same or a new window. This is basically the most important element in the rapid and efficient browsing of web content offered from the feed or any other sites.
Login Access - When a user wants to connect to the Internet via your computer, you must first log in to your modem port by username with password that defends it. When he joined the Internet that does not mean that it is automatically available all facilities. More serious, specialized seat asking the user to define the username and password that they require a mechanism or using the content associated privileges that a user is automatically assigned to a specific group to which it belongs (professor, entrepreneur ...).
LoopBack Feedback Loop - The loop feedback signals sent diverted back toward their source from some point along the communication times, and to test communications. This test is often used to determine the usability of the network interfaces (NIC).

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